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  1. Guess we don't know if this will be extended to the post-kickstarter backers do we?
  2. Just curious if any new backers (post-kickstarter) have received a name reservation email yet?
  3. Even better would be a holo table where it would rotate slowly. You ship store could have a bunch of tables with all you ship designs. Super sweet.
  4. If you it showed a representaion of the construct and if you could hang it on a wall, that would be awesome.
  5. Thing is, that for the people that are not so much there for the space sim game, but for the cool space building game, will be using their IP as a primary source of income. It is a build game as much as it is a PVP game. If IP in not protected (in the game) then being a builder is less viable.
  6. CaptainTwerkmotor, on 20 Nov 2016 - 09:48 AM, said: No, those planets are the Pre-Alpha test planets they have going. The actual Alpha Test will be in 100 Km radius planets, beyond that, is yet to be confirmed, but they have said that the planets are smaller, because the star they orbit is smaller in the starting system and they did confirm that they intend to mix biomes together to create more interesting worlds, so, for all we know, they might be intdeed goin gfor bigger planets after they have players going for planet-hunting, but that's my theory at least, as with the way the built the game, how big a planet was would not really affect performance (because of occlusion), but the horizon could be playing a role in immersion, as we would be able to larger bigger cities. My comment was not about planet size, but speculation on how exactly they are measuring a 1 km tile. Is it the length (short or long) or surface area.
  7. I don't think they would stop them from being claimed, what's the point. They will be just like any other. May be a little different size, but I don't think it matters that much. If you claim next to one, eventually you would probably grow into it, so to speak. If one was on a nice location, why wouldn't you, unless your a min-maxer, then no one can help you anyways
  8. Will post kick-starter crowdfunding supporters be included in this?
  9. The planet in the image they said has a radius of 30 km, which is a circumference of 188.5 KM. By taking the picture supplied I was able to determine that there are approximately 124 hexes around the circumference. If we take it that the tiles have a side length of 1 km, this would equal 108 tiles around the circumference (kinda close). Where as if we assume that it is 1 square km, this would equal a short diameter of 1.07 km. This would work out to about 176 tiles which is a fair bit more than the 124 in the image. So my guess would be the former (side length).
  10. I have a thought on this. you can only get a master blueprint from something that you create in the Virtual Simulator. Something you own or are in control of (ships and such) you could only make a blueprint copy (that you can't sell or trade) with a single build available. So, you could build more of them to sell, but could not flood the market with those blueprints.
  11. Any chance that we will get a mirror option when building?
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