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  1. I would think that with engine limitations, that ground vehicles with have superior armor. Engines need a lot less power to keep a vehicle a meter above the ground than to become airborne or achieve space flight. So, for the same amount of power, you could have significant more weight.
  2. This is basically a drone carrier/control ship, with drone pilots on the carrier. Drones could be air, space or land depending on how you design them.
  3. Technically, you could VPN/RDP into your home computer with your smart phone and do this, but it would be way cooler to do it natively for certain functions and content. Like if you had a app that could control your base and run your defenses in real time.
  4. I would love to see In-World HUDs that are part of the cockpit and not the user's HUD. This is something that are doing in Star Citizen and I love the idea, so it would be nice if they could incorporate that in DU.
  5. I imagine, to keep things simple, that Planetary Rotation and Gravity on Alioth will be roughly similar earth. So an hour will be an hour and a kg will be a kg.
  6. Hey, I was winning for all of 28 minutes. Oh well.
  7. I wouldn't worry to much about it. A year in, the whole safe zone will be a parking lot anyways. Everyone and their dog is going to build in the starting zone, which means it will be a city of significant size, but unfortunately most of the buildings will end up being abandoned.
  8. GST - Galactic Standard Time, which is the local time at the ark. Then everything else could be based on where you are in relation to the sun as GST +- 12. Would not matter what planet you are on, just where on the planet in relation to noon on said planet. There may be some issues with the rotation of the planet and how long a day is on any given planet, as they would never line up though.
  9. I think they also said something about knowing where an attack comes from instead dying for no apparent reason (like an asteroid falling on your head) "Ask Me Anything" Event
  10. I think there is a very good Org opportunity here. Have a place where people can drop off someone they capture at gun point and the "Prison Org" could hold them at gun point for a predetermined amount of time. The Org would have to pay for Guards to watch the prisoner, which in turn would be paid by the group/person dropping the prisoner off. Of course, the prisoner could just log off, but if the time was only 15 minutes or something like this, it would be better to just serve the time and go on your way. Of course, at any time during the whole process, the prisoner could try to escape wi
  11. I would image that each and every core that is created would have some sort of unique identifier. Copies of core from that same blueprint will have a sequential number attached to the core number. This would be an easy way of giving each and every ship a transponder code. No registry would be required, because it is already built into the "core" database. I also image that the name of the blueprint (Model Number) would be associated with the unique core number, which could also be the type on the transponder code.
  12. There should be 2 types of contract types; open or single seed (with a set number of iterations). Open jobs would stay on the board until someone gets paid, then the job is automatic removed. On a single seed, when someone takes the job, it would be removed from the board. On single seed jobs with multiple iterations (cargo or such) you could set as many sets as you wanted and they would be removed as they are taken.
  13. just so you know, membership and employment are 2 different things. Membership is for everyone who wants to partake in the services we offer.
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