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  1. I am sorry...editing the poll is no easy task either...it won't let me edit the line items. I have to delete it completely and then re add it forcing everyone to re vote. It is nothing personal....i had a lapse! I forgot probably 30 countries.
  2. I agree, note taken, and changes made....I guess I lost all my UK players though . Sorry guys...revote please? BTW Falstaf, what group are you part of? I might join you!
  3. You would be correct if we consider the UK as part of the EU which technically it still is...temporarily. I think votes are fun too! Glad you like it! Nothing will be deleted...my hope is to get it stickied so all new members will see it and vote so we can see how this community grows! If you have any suggestions how how I should improve it let me know and I will address...at this time I think it is best to keep the UK and EU separate as they will be in the near future. Unfortunately, but that is my opinion.
  4. Fair enough...I can delete this if that is your goal? Not sure the kickstarter will be an accurate representation of the community once they start funding on this site. I didn't even know about the KS stats page but it paints a different picture than what I expected. I generally see the rest of the world more interested in this type of game than the US....so I was shocked to see that the US held the top spot by a long shot.
  5. Thanks for teaching me a lesson...I removed multiple selections Mr. I-am-from-every-selection .
  6. Yea IP addresses are unreliable too because of people like me that sit behind a VPN.
  7. Potentially! I have never received electronic payment so I wouldn't know. I don't remember putting my address in and as such the Dev would just know that I have a Visa/Mastercard. Nothing else than that. I also know that I am behind a VPN almost all the time so figuring out my location via IP is also unreliable. But you might be correct! Who knows.
  8. I will start obviously. I am from the US but I have lived in Germany as well. Excited to meet you guys! Devs, I hope I haven't broken any rules...I think this poll might help you guys though especially server side. As a side note, can we get this stickied?
  9. Explain. Are all blueprints going to be available to everyone? That doesn't seem reasonable; it would make more sense and be fairer for those that put in the time to develop something to re create it but not others. Also, this promotes the market like they wanted. If I build the starship enterprise and you want the starship enterprise, then I should be allowed to recreate this object for you and sell it to you. This is how second life addresses this and this is how the market thrives in second life. Of course in second life if you can't afford my starship enterprise well then, you are also welcome to recreate for the low low price of your time...and then potentially sell it lower than me! Space Engineers and Empyrion take it further by only allowing the owner to blue print their respective objects. This is also a good idea as we will have rampant patent infringement trolls if we don't do this. The largest cost in any product is R&D; by allowing others to essentially steal and skip this cost it produces an unfair environment. Not allowing ownership of blue prints doesn't seem to fit their ideas..
  10. I presume they will handle transition into different stages of development and server resets similarly to how Empyrion does. In Empyrion they made safe zones where they allowed us to deconstruct everything and move one ship with all of the ore's and blue prints on board into a safe zone so we didn't lose everything. Everything not in this safe zone was wiped entirely. Moving into different stages of development I think they would probably do entire wipes. This is speculation though, as all of our comments are.
  11. Yea I think scripted mining would be a very bad idea. Players like me would abuse the shit out of it and then sell inflated ores. Why would I do that? Because I could cheaply take a lot of it...a lot that you guys need. I think there needs to be a clear defined process unlike SE. I think you should be forced to mine it first, then take it to a refinery which cannot be placed in a movable object, and then moved to a constructor to create the desired object from the refined materials. By doing this you force stages and prevent the majority of players from mass mining operations (although some of us will still choose ore as our careers and will still do it). I think it would be a mistake to do what Space engineers did and make the constructor and refinery objects that you can place in movable objects.
  12. By no means did I read all of your posts...some of you have great posts btw...thanks for making this a better game by sharing your ideas! I suspect that the concerns brought up in this post are going to be mitigated through servers and instancing. I think having a single server with 8000 (because that is how many of us there are at the base)+ people will not work without multiple servers or at least instancing. Ark and Space engineers do this...I am not sure how Eve handles it but I believe they do instancing. I know in Ark that a newb generally didn't join well established servers where everyone had everything already. Same thing in SE. I suspect we will see a gameplay / system / game more akin to Ark and SE than Eve or WoW and thus mega servers won't be possible without significant instancing elements on the server side. This alone wouldn't stop more established players from attacking newbs and ruining the experience so I think adding in anti griefing elements server side would fix this. I brought up this idea in another post but I think the starting planet should only be entered one way, by starting the game for the first time. Once you leave this planet to advanced, it should be impossible to re enter this planet. This would prevent pro's from harassing the newbs. Go see my other post for the details. Again...cool ideas and good dialog!
  13. I don't think the dev should have regeneration. It would detract from the story and the developers goals. This is suppose to be an exploration game. Much like humanity in real life, we are strip mining the hell out of our planet and trashing it right now. In a 1000 years, we might move on to another world as technologies advance (Mars and the Moon are likely candidates with Venus being a likely candidate for robotic mining). I have one exception to address OP's concerns. The starting planet should regen periodically just as Space Engineers, Ark, WoW, and other MMORPG's do. I think this should be the single exception. All other asteroids/planets should be allowed to be stripped of all of it's resources (and take a considerable amount of time to accomplish even for organizations) and beauty just like in real life. I can see a potential issue with this as none of us would want to leave for critical minerals like uranium (fuel) so I think once a player leaves the starter, they no longer can come back. This is a common element in RPG's and it makes sense. Animals do this in RL by discharging their young and humans use to do this when a child turned to an adult. Starter planet should be like a mom...once you leave you don't come back. There should also be limits to how much you can take off of this planet. By no means should I be allowed to leave with a 100 year supply of fuel. As time progresses in real life and updates are released, the dev's should increase the number of spawn points for NEW players. They should move these out to the edges of the currently discovered Universe so that new players don't have to travel light years just to find the next habitable planets. The rest of us should be still allowed to go from one trashed planet to the next where we have factories, buildings, creations, etc. Nothing would prevent us from pushing further into the unknown and we would likely have stuff on the planets the newbies go to as well. TLDR: I think regen planets/softscapes/minerals is a mistake and will detract from the story line and feel of the game. It doesn't follow reality even in the slightest.
  14. While I think this is fair, if they open it up for additional funding (which they should and it sounds like they will), I think they should take additional funding before the start of the new year into consideration for these two goals. I think if we make the 650k goal or even 700k, they should include CvC in the initial release or at least let us play with CvC during the Alpha and Beta stages and then release it later in a patch. I think CvC is critical for a game like this to be successful IMHO. I think it will be critical on release to the masses that know nothing about the game and I think it will be critical to absorb additional fund raising. I get why they have chosen not to sink their teeth into that much, but by giving us a goal of another 100k to have them focus on that too signifies to me that it is a monetary issue more than a scheduling issue. I think if they truly want to be successful amongst the Star Citizens and Eve's, they will absolutely need CvC by Beta time. I think it is us, the supporters, to persuade them to let us fund them further so they can meet their goal by the end of the year. What do you think devs? I will be prepared shortly to double my contribution (and join the Ruby's) and I know others in here have already voiced an eagerness to upgrade; You can't or shouldn't hold it against us because money wasn't right at the time of the KS just like we can't hold it against you for having a tight schedule/budget.
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