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  1. What drew to me DU originally was the mining, scanning, locating ore and the chance of coming across larger nodes of ore. What sold it for me was the manual side of it, you physically had to roll up your sleeves go find the resources, and the more time and effort you put in the greater the opportunity of reward as you could come across larger volumes and other tiers. This tied together with upgrading your ship, linked containers, storage, travelling around different planets and facing different challenges, plus do all that with your friends made it enjoyable! 95% of my time in DU is mining. I have no interest in PVP or Industry. I fund my assets through mining, by providing manufacturers and builders with resources and buy their inventions to do more mining, greater yields and better productivity! Whilst I appreciate the issue of underground mining on planets is impacting financially and performance of the game, it just feels like rather than fixing the issue at source, the issue is simply being deleted. Rather than fixing the problems underground mining cause and adding to the game with mining units, your deleting and replacing with automation. Am sorry, but if we are talking about the game being sustainable for the long term, fix the architeture of the game as opposed to dancing around the problem. The mining units sound interesting, but they are automated with some manual input which has been confirmed to be limited. The update also referred to ‘limiting our time engaging with mining units.’ I mean if I spend all my time mining, I now have no reward for time invested and have been limited in that regard as I no longer play the game on my terms, am being ‘pushed’ away from what I enjoying doing. In addition, as mining units are automated and basically end up AFK mining, it opens up the gates for those with many alts and quanta accumulated to date to set up an AFK income of ore which totally takes away from the game again, as this is venturing in pay to win territory. Ahh wait! I can still get plenty of ore from asteroids right? Well, on the basis it takes me 75-90 minutes! to get to an asteroid (and everyone else is rushing to it also), 30 minutes to get back and to come away with less ore's worth than it cost me in fuel……. No. The safe space asteroids get rinsed, and even if you go to discovered asteroids, it’s an hour of travel for a round trip where there’s nothing but shrapnel left. Try putting 200 asteroids in safe space and on daily respawn then there might be enough to go round. In any case, it seems this update will make fundamental changes, create its own issues on top of existing issues, ground players to planets more than likely and take away rewards for time invested.
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