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  1. Looking at your other replies, you may not understand the main issues here. The biggest issue is consumables are now a super premium. Some schematics take too long, may be a bit too expensive once a economy reset happens. The other big issue is there is no real removal of elements aside from PvP, which lets be real, its a REALLY small portion of the community that pvp regularly (whats left). Fixing the overflow of elements and what will eventually be a lack of fuel and warp cells is some of the core issues aside from server stability that needs to be looked at.
  2. Not that it matters. In most major releases that went through the PTS, a majority of the large bugs/issues were not addressed for several weeks after it hit live coming from the PTS unless it was an "easy fix" or was something that "accidently made it to the PTS build" IE the brake changes.
  3. They should be able to be competitive though, as a function of cost of materials v cost of products. You just wont make the volume that someone in a large org is making unless you can afford to keep enough MUs running to keep a massive factory running at 100%. An energy system like he mentioned is an artificial way to make the divide between solo players/small org and large org players very very skewed. Once again, non of this matters if there isn't enough people to actually even simulate an economy playing and if schematics are removed, a lot of things change a bit as well.
  4. That's not how that works. The big guys with the largest factories who would get "energy" from alts and people in their group would produce everything, and would undercut everyone else's pricing due to "free" ore coming in from those same alts and group members. It's nigh impossible for a solo player to compete in a system where you artificially stop/slow down industry by tying it to an account/accounts. It just makes whaling even more profitable than it already is (new mission system + cores). Energy systems were something they were talking about in the alpha on a per core basis, but has long since been scrapped like a lot of other things. We are not going to see "huge" game changing releases post launch, as they wont be able to have any way of wiping post launch and this last patch was the last major patch per NQ before release. We may see some small changes and some "added content" post release along with whatever scale wipe they plan to do + the pseudo lua wipe.
  5. 100%, still not sure why people think anything that happened during beta was any different that stuff that happens on other mmos during the games life cycle. Exploits happens, dupes happen, systems get changed. Nothing that has been done is anything any different than any other MMO. You take care of stuff when it happens, or you suck it up and move on. Post release there can be 0 talk about wipes in any context. Your already forcing those who were not original backers to pay a monthly sub to something so "releasing" really isn't anything different, just removing the beta tag, that's literally it. We know stuff like schematics and industry can be changed without a full wipe, its been done when it was added. Tell us what we know has already been locked in at this point and stop pretending the community is full of 5 year olds who actually believe otherwise.
  6. Ah yes, another post announcing there will be an announcement in the future, I'm sure that will calm everyone's hearts.
  7. Your assuming that only one person is doing missions. There will be multiple(5+) orgs that are unrelated/not on good terms with each other doing this sprint. People already tried the "evil space empire holding everything" thing, it gets REALLY boring REALLY fast because eventually no one cares. There is no "bonus" or giant gain from pvp. Sure plasma exists, but if we are going to be real, no one but the 1% that actually pvp really care for exotics. Sure people will want beacons, but supply of plasma is more likely to be way over exceed the demand. No one buys anything off the market because our ore requirements are filled by our own autominer fields. If the dude next to me has 100 warp beacon schematics, honestly, it has 0 effect on me. I bought 1 at full price and between me and some friends, we make enough for our network. We go out and shoot at people. I throw ore at people because my autominers containers fill up. There is no consumption. That is the issue, not some evil top 1% wanting to keep the people down. There is no end game loop. Wiping only pushes the issue back a few months, that's it. Until they have a loop that can hold people's attention and not totally rely on player made "content" that now we cant be sure is ever safe, they won't succeed. Everyone's goals are different, some people don't care if someone has 100 warp beacons in deep space so they can be anywhere. Its a sandbox, there is no real "end game". Your goals are what you set for yourself. Kinda sucks in a way though because there is no real bite to stay for anyone but creatives, and most of them would rather play something that give them the resources they want to use, although some do like the "survival" type of games as well.
  8. Yeah, to be honest, a good chunk of us are just on other alt accounts in the forum RPing with ourselves and the other 25 people here.
  9. You confuse me. I have t1-t5 fields, split between the planets. You can warp to the planets and never be in any risk? Everything is cheap, flying in pvp zone has almost no risk once you have fields up because you can plop out a new ship...
  10. Yeah, at this point they almost need to launch to get the newest stuff tested with the current player pop lol
  11. 100%, we are 3 dev blogs in and not even a mention. At this point the amount of "testers" they will have for the next patch on "live" wont find any real issues even if there any.
  12. Why are you referencing games that are nothing like this? It makes literally no sense. What about "persistent universe" ,"soft launch" , and "you will keep what you have earned" do people not understand?
  13. Not really sure it can handle multiple times the current number of people without schematics and with autominers. Server lag is pretty bad not even with almost no one here.
  14. This discussion itself is a lot older than the 10 day old thread. As its been said before though, the writing was on the wall a bit when they didn't ban/remove exploiters and their gains.
  15. Because they don't want subs to drop till release Although honestly that ship has sailed for those who pay monthly.
  16. He says that because for some reason, it was decided it was ok to sell beta keys for quanta. The beta keys should of only had X time on them, and should of been used for their intended use (get a friend into the game and into a paying account eventually). They just ended up being used for alts for missions and talent points.
  17. The no wipe, life isn't fair, get over it. If you are not competitive now, you will never be. ...
  18. I'm fairly sure if you took the time with a lawyer to go over the EULA and ToS it would be likely unenforceable, like almost 99% of them, something or the other makes them unenforceable. They would also need to show exactly where and when you agreed to it specifically. Another fun one is also the comments made by NQ reps in the announcements/threads/videos going into it. Saying the words ""Whatever you do after beta starts is going to stay in one way or another... You will get what we call for the moment 'magic blueprints'... blueprints with everything included in it so you will be able to respawn the things as soon as we restart the server. So we don't like to call it 'wipe'... The key thing is the beta is really the start... You can start to invest yourself in the game. We guarantee that you're not going to be losing everything at some point... the universe is blank again, and you have to start from scratch." IS some guarantee of investment time and money(IRL) wise.
  19. Its irrelevant want they think is "fair". They had the ENTIRE beta time they could of joined and gotten ahead. Them even removing/totally deleting our constructs without magic blueprints is a large breech of trust and a breech of what was promised to us coming from alpha into beta. The person who made those comments did so as an NQ employee in an official setting. "If one party makes a statement or a promise that causes another party to rely on that statement in such a way that he or she is financially injured by that reliance, then a court will enforce the statement or promise as if it was a completed contract. The court does not need to find an agreement or consideration in order to enforce the promise like a contract, but it is difficult to prove a statement was made without a record of it."
  20. If they are selling to and/or marketing to anyone in Germany they are subject to their consumer protection laws, as they are subject to US consumer production laws about false advertisement/etc as well. I not sure about its Germany counterpart, but the FTC has connections to most partner nations and does aggressively go after anyone if it effects a US citizen.
  21. Nothing is equal, those who put money/time into the game should be rewarded and not have what they payed for taken away from them for some idealist dream that "everyone is going to be equal now" No, you wont be equal, the whales will whale and get their mission trains going again. The "nerf" only made it so they just need more accounts so they can gather more of the same mission and pay people to run more than one train at a time. There will be multi-billionaires in weeks, and that has no real effect on you. Aside from some people who don't actually know how to manipulate the market, we haven't seen anything drastic come from these "exploiters" as most of the people who did it earlyish on don't even play the game anymore. Instead of talking about a wipe, we need to talk about getting a real game loop that's going to people in the game past 2-3 months. Betting on killing off your "hardcore" player base to get some fly-by-night subscribers isn't going to be a good look when those vets blast the game on every forum about them not keeping any single promise they have made. The kickstarter backers haven't been made whole, the alpha backers and very early beta backers who were told, no matter what happens, we would keep our constructs and the things we earned/created in game, are getting a kick in the nuts. If it takes killing your player base to try to attract people who have already moved on to other games (those that left pre .23) then, you might want to look at another path forward. Baiting people into trying to side with you with slated dev articles that show favoritism to any/all wipes and the removal of schematics is pretty low. TL;DR - NQ needs to make good on their promises to the people who put time/money into the game and look for a way to keep any new players from just being a part of what will likely be a very high churn rate.
  22. Its kinda a catch 22, some people want to come back without schematics and stuff, but we dont want to have to lose our stuff to make it happen. Honestly as long as we keep TP, I think there will be a ton less pushback from the vet group.
  23. The promise we wouldn't lose our constructs IS something that actually did happen though.
  24. Many things, but most of all, they WANT people to have alts. Its more money, and there is no real feasible/non-super manpower intensive way to verify each person that plays. It doesn't make sense for them from a financial standpoint, at all. There is a near 0% chance of them "cracking down on alts". Based on the mission system changes, they want you to have even MORE alts so you can run the ones together that have the same RNG mission. There are so many ways someone could transfer money between characters that wouldn't be detectable without a really thorough log search, and lets be real, they don't have the man-power for that.
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