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  1. If a player is robbed - this is allowed, since this is a problem in RDMS, If a market is robbed - these are exploits, and a ban, double play does not lead to a good end
  2. OK, I’m resigned to the fact that this is a gameplay, the moderators can close the topic.
  3. If the answer was specific, I would agree with you, but there is no answer in the answer, I did not receive anything, which of the legates committed this, when, no details)
  4. I highlighted the problem in the discord, a lot of people faced this, and wrote to me that they have a similar situation, some of them wrote in support, some did not write, but the answer is always the same, I did not burn out, I really like the game but I don't feel safe, cheaters are NQ's problem
  5. You can assume anything, there was no response with specific names and people, so it didn't happen, no one will convince me until I find out the details of the incident, I'm not the only one you want to say hundreds of players give up their bases, this is nonsense, there is a vulnerability that NQ can't fix I don't want to play this anymore, as I wanted to hear the wrong answer
  6. I think this will hardly help you, I provided screenshots of the robbers, logs from the client, and a description of the situation, this will not help you understand anything, you need to analyze server information and logs, which NQ apparently does not have
  7. The chance of this is about the same if a bear came into your house now, treachery is out of the question, we have been playing with these people for more than 6 years, we are all investing in the game equally, as well as people of other nationalities have taken apart the base, a lot of factors that completely eliminate intention to do this, if this was an accident, then I would like to know who did when and what, while there is no such information, I believe that this was not.
  8. The answer came, I think it is not answered and the GM works, as any use of exploit you can justify this answer, I have not heard the details, where exactly is the problem, which player has granted access, I believe that access is provided to the core was not, in General, I'm completely disappointed, I will try to convey the maximum count of people this "competent" answer, here is the answer Hello ONIXXX,Thank you for reporting this, however in this case after a prolonged investigation I can confirm that this was not an exploit.Without going into the details of the investigation, which I cannot do. I would like to advise you to be careful when giving the rank of Legate to a player.I know this is not the news you were hoping for, but I cannot compensate you for the losses under the circumstances found in the investigation.Further clarification on our stance towards exploits, can be found at this forum post.We do however greatly value these reports and would like to encourage you to report other issues, bug and exploits you discover. And provided that we deem no excessive intentional abuse is discovered before or after the report, no punitive measure will be applied as a result of reporting.If you have any further issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.And I sincerely hope you recover from this event.Kind regards,NQ-Deckard All until, in such a project I no longer want to play, I think it would be appropriate to write who when and what did what brought to this situation, and not throw out a General answer that is suitable in any situation, compare the reaction to my situation and the reaction to market 15, and in both cases it is not clear what these people are guided by....
  9. RDMS settings are stored inside the structure, if someone reconfigured it using hacking or illegal methods, then the B button will be available to everyone, not only to the one who committed the hack, this is not an excuse, you should not be completely sure that this is 100% not the correct RDMS setting, most likely an exploit was applied that changed the rights, after which the B button became available to everyone
  10. Why do you have such confidence? after all, you can reconfigure RDMS using illegal methods, and get the B button by criminal means, is this possible? Yes, are you sure that the B button was received by an incorrect RDMS setting? no
  11. Yes, all names, logs, and additional information are provided in the ticket
  12. with RDMS was all right, there was no failure, we were attached to the container that was inside this structure and were engaged in digging, on the minimap the building was orange, after which we lost the linked containers, we went up to the top and saw that the structure was being disassembled, and what RDMS error are we talking about? if the vulnerability is explicitly used
  13. The problem is not that strict or hard, the problem is that this method was stolen by the player base, there is no compensation and adequate explanation, incorrect configuration of RDMS is nonsense, it is permissible, but not in these cases(with the rights all in order) , the problem is that it may happen tomorrow, day after tomorrow, whenever, we don't see feedback, not feel safe, to develop further in the game, there is no motivation.
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