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  1. have you emit the possibility that in some cases you cannot read it? with no modify copyright bound to it that the script could be integrated into a player design such as a chip, or in your inventory you will just see the script icon and its name but couldnt open it and to use it you ll just have to drag and drop it into your construction? its pretty simple, its just an ingame copyright parameter issue?
  2. there will be copyrights on it: Copy: alowing you to copy the script and use it in as may objects you want Modify: allowing you to open and edit the script Transfer: allowing you to give to someone else the script creators will have choice which copyright they will want to set before giving away or selling
  3. yup like in SL, which is the first complete sandbox game as DU is derivating from, but SL had a horrible gameplay, so doesnt count as game, but more as a social world. but explain more, i dont understand your point of view, why would attachment point would trigger problems, JC mentioned we could craft our stuff/outfits but didnt mentionned more, so i just proposed a working system, the one from SL, i certain there isnt any patent on it, any other games also have attachment points, but premade stuff with a style and level etc... and not as many attachment points as SL, and you just take of the pelvis point what would you think it could be?
  4. Read devblog they said will be 100% P2P !!!!!! next time i repport you for trolling they will ban you for sure (Aka Captaintwerkmotor)
  5. have a bit of imagination on what could be nano compression technologies a thousand years later, and rationanals think about smaller objets that arent the size of a skyscraper but human size, think about what you not obsessed with just dream and create a story around it
  6. he is right, that will apply to terran and buildings, only players and scripted objects will certainly have a physical state when JC meant a mountain, he meant the scale of it means space stations built in space wihtout proper elements for them to move will propably never rotate around a planet or be attracted by them so i wonder when planets turning around suns will passby those passive space buildings once a year thats an issue
  7. well JC said we will have technology to compress things at the nano size, so scientificly talking with an atome, if you resize the proton to the size of a foot ball, its electron will turn around with the radius of a stadium. means if you compress, you take off all that air in between protons and electrons you can fit a stadium into a foot ball. And i m not only talking about a ship scaled creation, it can be a piece of armor, a little bot, an hover board Do you remember Bulma in DBZ? she stores all kind of space ships into her tiny capsules! that would be cool
  8. if lack of ideas http://dirkloechel.deviantart.com/art/Size-Comparison-Science-Fiction-Spaceships-398790051?q=gallery%3ADirkLoechel&qo=0
  9. The starship Heart of Gold Which was the first spacecraft to make use of the Infinite Improbability Drive. The craft was stolen by the President Zaphod Beeblebrox at the official launch of the ship, as he was supposed to be officiating the launch.
  10. any players builds using the ingame builder, like your ship, your armor, static creations, buildings etc.. will be made out of voxels any animated objects, with polygon streching, such as players themselves will be made out of mesh, but uneditable i am giving an example about scratching your ship and loosing voxels on impact, so loosing mass, and difering from the saved blueprint of your ship PLEASE READ PROPERLY, what people post and what devteam post, there are lot of things behind you dont understand such as mechanics and how all this could be made possible
  11. particules / controls / permissions / vendors etc... might be function calling for libraries that how they will simplify LUA and give us one function instead of us typing 20 lines of boring code for each thats inevitable, LUA isnt originally made for games
  12. yup i am aware was talking about us in that bar animating it, but if we have to stick to one pose, that wont be funky
  13. A little survey to open several issues about builders user experience
  14. Bars could also be remote places to find jobs (head hunting?) but also social places, trading places (black market?) The game will for sure need tons of body animations and emoticons to animate those places And why not some scripted jukeboxes which will be playing url radios
  15. How about? we know everything will be built by voxels, that will be destroyable, scratchable (if bump into a tree or a meteorite or anything), so means some voxels will be scratched off the surface of our builds, and will change the volume of voxels. We also know every builds will be saved as a blue print, a blueprint that saved the volume, property and position of every voxel of a build. If we have a script, device, element, that can compare the actual state of the construction with this orginal blueprint, it might be possible to monitor the % of dammage. and also requiering matter, based on the blueprint to repair/restore the object
  16. i just think that voxels will be so tiny + a smoothing process, that you wont see their 0.0 rotation
  17. i understand now!!! it will probably the case, in a way to limit and simplify script possibilities other wise i think the script container will have its proper design for each designers, planets, communities, could immagine a community on a planet that has a steampunk theme, their design will be more like a rusty hard drive, some other planets will have clean and futuristic theme, their objects design will be white and neon style. and later on if you familliar a bit with the universe you ll guess from which planets the good you just bought could be from
  18. How about this? a planet, or an object is composed of billions of voxels (Volumetric Pixels = tiny cubes), all oriented along same axis (there isnt rotation in the voxel), the size of a little peeble, from far you see it smooth, but from very close with a magnifier you ll apreciate the pixel structure Thats how we later on will be able to paint objects, by only changing to color of the voxels on the surface of this object, so basicly if u cut your object after painting it, the sliced section will be orginial color/texture of used voxel at the end i think what is computed are only the surface voxels, the trillion billion voxel within a planet might be empty found a video where u can cleary see how voxels could look like, cause here they re pretty big its like a 3d object out of a 3d printer watch begining, and last few 10 seconds
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