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  1. really? you didnt understand? i cant help you sorry what do you think blueprints are for? google the definition of blueprint maybe its not the same definition as pokeball i can tell you
  2. your answer is in your question you are quite out of rare species stay like that, otherwise there will be not much to instinct in that universe https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/02/20/builder-gameplay-voxel-tools-elements/
  3. functional elements and decorative elements you mean? none will be voxels
  4. no seriously guys, spaceships wont be premade fully scripted meshes, and most of it, you ll be living inside so if you are happy with a sspaceship built in minecraft, and have enough time and imagination to animate it with your own dreams, thats good for you, then go back on minecraft right now and dont reply to a pre alpha game mechanic topic if your dont understand what pre alpha or mechanic means
  5. thought the topic was about online games u got one wrong answer lol
  6. how do you think in term of "mechanics" your overall health bar could be coded? to remind you, ships will be fully built out of voxels, none of them will be scripted, have any feeling or sensitivity or transmit any information to any other voxel or elements you are depth sitting high on a branch of a tree watching the stars while a lumberjack is cutting off that same tree
  7. yeah thats the nano compression concept, that a stadium once compressed to maximum could fit into a foot ball the concept story is good if you dont look too far behind for answers in reality, if this kind of compression could be made possible, then the foot ball will have the weigh of the stadium once compressed, since the compression is about taking out all empty space (air) between protons and neutrons but this part we d better not mentionning it maybe that how Thor's hammer is made
  8. hey wizardoftrash, i m opening here very crussial playabilities issues for this game: - ability to build on a moving spaceship (do you have any idea how such a thing could be done mechanicaly talking?) - ship status (health of the ship, detection of breaches) you should go back on pokemon forum if you think things are made by magic + not everyone have time to watch flies during 6h, and switching to youtube to make yourself busy while waiting most people have work, get home around 8pm and get up at 6 or 7am, are you aware of that? so try be more constructive next time
  9. so you are satisfied with an EVE like? what dont you just play EVE right now instead of waiting 2 years for an EVE like?
  10. - SL (5years) - Minecraft (5 years till now) - DCUO (4 years till now) - ESO (3 years till now) - Arma (10 years till now) - FFXIV (2years) - Natural Selection (14 years till now) - Team Forteress (20 years till now) - 7 days to Die (3 years till now) - CS - DOD ...
  11. just see further from whats on your nose project yourself, and imagine a second what will you be and do on those space ships if you dont pilot it and to be honest, read every and each lines of my topic, i dont care about if air is breathable or not, so dont bother make your little noob post
  12. this is a such a simple answer, as we are in 2016, games whith such simple mechanics will be very fast forgotten dont forget that you ll build your ship, and its not a premade mesh with already placed detection elements if your team manage to build a 100m long ship with the control room at the very front, what would help you to know whats happening at the very back? your ship will be your life, DU offers mainly that, and thats what most people looking for so we should expect more from the dev team to make those ships not empty and full of life and interactions dont care about calculation and servers and blablabla, because you dont know much just be more demanding in terms of gameplay since we are far from a game right now and the gameplay concepts is all about that forum pre alpha thematic
  13. or more hardcore like at the end of Alien trilogy where the etire body of the whitish alien get sucked trhough a tiny hole of a window
  14. i didnt mentioned air pressure for that use, nothing about breathable air for players, it would be possible in my theory, but would mean that you put one of my mentionned element, in each and every enclosed space of the ship, to recreate a breathable air environment the 2 uses proposed are, hull status and breaches detection, and the eventuality to be able to build on moving physic ship (from the hypothesis of this topic)
  15. Question number 5 (Dual Universe Explorers - Live Q&A w/ JC Baillie - Novaquark CEO || 09/17/2016) minute 14:45 https://youtu.be/H9Y0YmqGYDM?t=887 Few thoughts and eventual mechanics solutions why air within spaceship would be terribly usefull Considering the eventuality of a normal voxel as Data 1 (solid point), void as Data null (inexistant data, uncalculated), and air as Data 0 (existing point but with no interaction) Building a spaceship would be creating Data 1 point clouds within Data null Air, Data 0, could be spread in a finish construct by the intermediary of a specific element placed within the construct to detect breaches, or enabling voxels building mode on a moving spaceship, from the hypothesis of this topic. In terms of gameplay, the element could take the form of a "red alarm light", each could be renameable, be placed on the ceiling or above doors, and be connected to a display screen element in a control room, displaying pressure status of every rooms this elements are placed in. The pressure display screen would allow in real time to know the status of the ship hull, and alert in case of breach during a confrontation or a collision. A breach isnt a scratch and could involve an opening big enough for undesired infantry within a ship, so why not having by the way the possibility to remotly lock the doors accessing to the room where a breach is. In terms of mechanics, each "red alarm light" elements, would on start of the ship, spread within a room, air, Data 0, and calculate the number of points needed to fill the room. A breach could be detected when the ship starts, if the Data 0 point cloud reaches the whole construct virtual volume border, then the alarm triggers and send a signal to the control room display, until it is fixed and reseted. During a confrontation, the alarm would trigger if the calculated Data 0 point clouds is expanding, then the alarm triggers and send a signal to the control room display, until it is fixed and reseted. When alarm triggers, the element would instantly remove the Data 0 point cloud it started to calculate and replace it back with Data Null I believe it could be one solution how to introduce air within a spaceship, and 2 possible uses for it But not the only solution for spaceship hull status detection (that could also be made with only one element, but less precise, displaying a floating mini 3d model of the ship automaticly built at the ship start, and comparing it with the real time voxels volume of the ship) EDIT: other uses for air condition in space ships - breathable environment (the need of air in the gameplay, difference for players between void and air) - biomes, and future potential emplementation of farming/planting abilities - gravity (affecting air environment but not void ones)
  16. have no idea about Eve, so why is it that covetable if it can be made physical just a second before beeing traded? so its not about the one who originally has it who take the bigger risk, if it is none, but the one who recieve it in exchange of something else so the one who really spent real money on it has poor chances to loose it, but the one who didnt, but found a way to get it, will have all the risks, because not transferable into virtual unlootable good one fair solution, following your opinion would be to make physical the DAC only after beeing traded once
  17. they ll need to know on which planet we come from, from which system the grotto civilisation is an option to stay eventually safe from a defeat + invasion
  18. beeing able to loot a whole fleet you just defeated, disassembling the constructs, gathering elements, looting corps for matters and blueprints, isnt enough? you little greedy
  19. get off your confortable seat, tell papa mama you going out make your own and come back fast thinking you are finally better at home
  20. hell yeah we all want that but why should it involve DACs that directly involve ingame subscription time?
  21. plus he mentionned that this would be plan able to have other official physical curency other than DACs, in orders to maybe have some banking structures in the future so treasures and fortunes will still exist and be a lucrative hunt if everyone is friends or partners or allied, there will be an extra of ammunition but has it is now, looks like DACs are more creators exchange money, as reward of a month of work on a construct for example since the universe creation contributes somehow more than the words of politic
  22. there will be other loosable valuable goods dont worry if you wanna play money, play THTpoker
  23. good point, he has you already! who dedicated your life to this game (2033 posts), maybe will buy a computer specialy to run an afk player making sure your full production line working 24/7
  24. ANY scripted objects, from ANY players, would be activated within a certain range, maybe 100km, by ANY players Its not if you script something and only your computer CPU will make it work, its everyone entering the range of this script will run IT, friends or not, organization or not So if you are offline with automatic turrets around your house, they will disactivated until anyone enters in the script activation range A range that will be much further than the turret action range for sure
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