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  1. As JS programmer for a living I can say that LUA is ok. Thanks that we can script in DU. And I think that really skilled programmers do not care what language to script also LUA is easy to learn for beginners.. Only one thing is missing is DOM manipulation of screen HUD html...
  2. Yea I hope that we could get a player camera rotation directions as well as camera type (1-st/3-rd person)
  3. As one of a few Augmented Reality HUD lua developer for DU I can tell that there is a big need of such functions as: 1. getViewVector() It could return normalized direction vector in a construct local coordinates 2. getWorldViewVector() It could return normalized direction vector in a world coordinates 3. getPlayerCamera() It could return a number that represents a type of camera player is using (for example: 1-first person, 2-third person) It could really help to sync AR with game coordinates! And make way more great stuff even for popular 3-rd person mode/ Currently at any lag we loose system.getMouseDeltaX(),system.getMouseDeltaY() data so the only way is to reset camera with lockView(1) that is not comfortable to any user. Also we can not make any 3-rd person AR because we can not predict 3-rd person view camera direction on camera switch or even detect camera switch. ARdemo.mp4
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