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  1. ok thanks. yeah, just a bit of whining here.
  2. I don't cheat. I've never cheated in a computer game ever. All other games on my computer start right up but not this one. With the last patch, the entire game did reload, 6 GBs of it. One day later, apparently I'm being tagged as a "cheater". How is this fun?
  3. So, tried logging in this evening. Get this popup message: "You have been disconnected by the server. (You were disconnected by an admin)" Been playing now for a few months, now I can't even login. I give up.
  4. I couldn't launch this morning either. Not going to waste an hour trying to figure out what's wrong here.
  5. You can go to this web link to check DU server status: https://www.dualuniverse.game/server-status The server has been down now for a few hours. Would be nice (and good MMO business practice) if additional information were provided by DU - either on the login screen, or here in the forums via the Announcements section.
  6. Would like some kind "Restore Landscape Tool" ... i.e. able to terraform landscape, plant more trees, ponds etc. Right now just digging and flattening is like taking a sledge hammer to your territories. Why not have tools much like you have to make building to restore some of the landscape (in one's own Territory of course).
  7. I agree on the one-off puzzles. Although great to have, as you say, only a lucky few will be engaged in. Something seeded onto the planets like ores, as you say 'mini-random' might be more viable and long-term. One could probably look at the scientific fields - cull different categories like you have with the Minerals, then create some kind of 'scientific' exploration discovery game on different planet types - that might involve the construction of different scientific constructs and labs in order to cull and increase 'discovery' chances etc. a Then as you say, ingame bonuses might be applied - perhaps specialized "Engines" or specialized Ores etc. I think I would prefer having scientific research effect element construction and what is available - it would be a good incentive that could integrate with the game. Talents maybe ... but access to better types of elements - more rare elements would be quite an incentive as well. Just throwing this stuff out there. Missioning becomes so 'generic' over time. It would be nice to have a system that is less generic and more specific but also broad enough where players will want to invest in certain parts of planets for scientific 'resources' or 'research' that would enhance their assets. But what is enhanced shouldn't just be some kind of generic money pay-off - you would want discrete scientific operations that would lead to specific types of augmentations to 'Materials' and/or 'Building capabilities' - separate from the Talent tree.
  8. It would be nice to have other incentives to move out of the safe zone to other different types of planets and moons other than mining (which is mostly the only incentive right now). Thinking of the game Stellaris, and other space based games, what would be nice is certain types of "Moons" or Planets offer "Research" bonuses. So if you have a base with scientific facilities on said Moon/Planet, you get Research points accumulated. For what, not sure - I guess you will want to come up with some kind of Tech/Research tree etc.
  9. I bought the Apex 620A Hybrid and received a blueprint with it at the UAF Ship store. The blueprint lists all the elements, but completely missing is the "Material" section i.e. the Honeycombs. So how do I use the Blueprint? What are the Honeycomb Mats that I need if I want to build another Apex 620A? Anyone know?
  10. I agree it was a really good interview. Kudos to Markee for asking good questions, and some of the in-game player constructs that were visited. Amazing what players have *already* done and the game really is showing promise right now. JC the founder also sounded like he had a real passion for his creation/vision of Dual Universe - like, he isn't in it just for the money. So there's that. Who knows - this MMO could really rock over time. I know I'm having a blast right now.
  11. Yes, same here. But having to wait a day sucked. I am running two accounts, so I was able to hop on my other account, only to find out I still haven't done the permissions right for my org. Sigh. But it's beta ... so ... heh.
  12. Yeah, if there is anything in the game so far that has frustrated me the most, RDMS system is it. I mean, how hard could it have been to simply say - hey, anyone in the "organization" gets rights to everything in the organization - i.e. everything is shared by everyone. Anything that someone doesn't want shared gets turned off by given player. But instead it's the exact opposite. You got to tag every single construct, element, territory claim unit ... you got tags, tags on tags, lists of lists and the damn thing STILL DOESN'T WORK. It's the most counter-intuitive system I've encountered in a long time - and there is not any kind of adequate explanation for it either.
  13. Sorry to hear that. I guess I'm not the only one who has had login issues although yours appears somewhat different from mine. But it may still be related to the system thinking we're in the game when we're not.
  14. Ok. I just checked with my organization. It shows that my character is Online but I am not online. What do I do?
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