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  1. I don't think that a thing like this would be estimatable in a long run. Asuming that the game will go for very long time, the possible extensions to get the game and the servery running would be pretty big. In the long run it would end that 50% of the game would be free and 50% would be imensly higher in price, given that only a smaller amount of players would need to afford it. Having some strength in doing or making stuff someone else could not would result in some player have a huge advantage on the market against player not buying the expansions. That would mean its pay to win to some extend anyway. I think as stated previously, that pay to play + plex would be best for most of the players. The prices would be splitted among all people. 10-15€ per month is something most of the people can pay. And not beeing able to afford that, i'm not sure if spending your time in a game like this would be the best way to use your time tbh.
  2. Thats actually not what he talked about. He stated that PvP won't be avoidable. What he demanded, was for the pvp to work smoothly. A bad and unbalanced PvP will be something with a hige potential to break the game given that PvP won't be avoidable.
  3. I don't think that will happen. Read the blog dev blog about teritory. Ther will be the possibility to owe territory and block editing by others. But only via a territory controle unit which will indeed not be to easy to be build, set up and destroyed by others.
  4. Did you read even one post here? Thats one of the two underlying questions her Where does it come from and how does it go. Stated possibilitys where the sbility to convert gold to money directly loosing the gold in the procces. Problem: Big chance of infstation, depending om how high/ low the costs of gold are or how rare gold would be. (Gold only beeing in example here) Not talking about the lore issue to undermine it here. But i think that may be fixable. The other way would be the posssibility to turn it back into an ore to use. This is better to some extend because money gets an actual worth by this. Other than just beeing this magical money everyone talks about. This has the folowing problem Asuming money is not physical because we have accounts to store it. The gold you would need to convert from or back to would needs physical representation. Turning money back to gold or from gold would be resulting in an loss of worth of the money asuming that the physical representation needs space and especialy protection. A centralised way to store store the momey would not be possible because when i'm at the end of the galaxy turning it back would be a pain in the ass. Making it even more expencive and the money less worth the far away you are from the ark. It would need an decentralised version of the thing above, with still lore conform reason in how this works. And gold would be needed to have another use rather than turning it into money.
  5. Actually i like the idea, that there could be som blue prints to be found by exploration. Maybe seeing an old technology lying around. Analysing it may bring you a blueprint to use on your own. This could varry from a handle of a gun with certain stats to so big stuff like star gate technology.
  6. Actually i think inflation is a big matter here. Lets say i'll rent a terain to someone else. Given that you don't want to rearange every contract you have with everyone on a monthly basis, the games inflation should took part only slow. Or at best not at all. Possible ways would be turning your courrency into fuel or something to build with. The problem is to make that lore conform. Looking at the energy idea it would be problematic given that energy is not just there but has to be stored somwhere physical. Going to some place to buy stuff especialy if ite expencive would mean having a fleet to carry the stuff to pay for. And let alone think about the storage problem if one has a high amount of money. Loosing some money when you die would be possible to explain. Like you will loose items when you die. But removing money from the pool by this alone, would not be enough, i fear.
  7. We should also think about the posibility to have a new Ark ship placed where player spawn further in the games evolvement. Probably if the planet of the original Ark ship is nearly out of resources. Or other proplems acouring.
  8. Actually it has been said, that the want to make it hard to travel long distances. Especialy in regard of trading. Building Gates would make that pretty easy. There would need to be a big downside in using Gates, like realy high costs in energy( maybe for the gate, or maybe for the ship using the gate, i'm not sure what is better by now)
  9. Renji3

    mod support

    I feel like nobody stated that making modding support will be impossible, because you can't make all people download your mod already.
  10. Hey guys. Everywhere on here i see people talking about the economy and how your stuff will be sold/rented etc. Thats all good questions and need to be talked about. But in never have actually seen anyone discuss about how the "money" actually come into the game. In the post about economy (can be found here https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/12/04/from-barter-to-market-economy/) the dev team did only talk about how your money would be able be spend. And a hint that there will be probably a Barter System in the beginning. For me that all sounds really exiting seeing a Barter System evolving to an actuall trade system around Money. Asuming, that its still not totaly dicided, how money will come into the game, I just tought about opening the discussion here, to help the Dev Team gather some Ideas. At the beginning there will probably be a Barter System. "If you give me 10 iron, i'll give you that part for your ship". And looking at the history of money (also linked in the thread above), it will eventualy get into a Gift economy, where one will do something, for nothing in return (at least at first). "Can i use your oven too? I don't have someting to give you back right now, but i'll owe you one" In the Economy this owing was hard to coun't with so one started inventing money, given by the Goverment. Given, that DU dev team only want's a single courrency, to get things Simple (as simple as an econemy can be at least), there will be a way, to get money into play. You could convert some Ore into actuall money. So the ore would be worth exactly that money. But that would show one Problem. The money in the game will compulsorily start to inflate. The more easy the ore choosen to be the money will be the more easy it will inflate. There would be needed someting, to get the money out of the System again. In an regular MMORPG an NPC would sell you stuff, to get the Money Back out of the System. In DU there won't be NPCs selling stuff. There Could be things like The ark, Forcing you to pay Money, when you die. Maybe a procentual part of the Money you have so you will be revived no matter if you have the dollars or you don't. Setting an upper bound here would be good as well. Laying the ground here and Some ideas, I'll start giving the discussion to you guys. What do you think of possible ways, to get Money Into and out of the System.
  11. I think you're right there. The biggest problem of most new Suscribtion games failing may also be because the game does not bring much that stands out from non F2P varriants.Looking at Most MMORPG its nothing new anymore. There are many games about "Kill some monster by clicking at buttons on the screen" Packaging the same stuff differently won't work for long against other Pay versions, that are better for the User. On a game like DU where the player Shapes the the Politics, the market, the industrie, in an constructiv and possibly a destructive way to, that may give if not many (and it my be many i don't know about that) but at least a core Player base a good reason to play the game no matter what pay System there is. There is no other game that gives these possibilitys to a player. And a Core Base of players is all a Subscription Model needs to Survive.
  12. For me I have the urge to create and to destroy as well. Why not buils ships, script dromes and sell them to only one of two rivaling Organizations. Not telling the other. I'll let myself get payed to not sell to the rival maybe. For me fueling a big war would be lovely.
  13. According to the developers, on how the game ensures to be working on a large scale level, with massiv amount of players on the same place is as following: When players are exactly near you they will be updated emediatly, like in positions and their actions etc the more far away a player is, the less frequently he will be updated. How far this is going and how frequently the updating to range ratio is is not beeing said. But in an interview he said that playing in an FPS way would probably not work. I don't know if he meant ship to ship fighting there or player to player combat. If the ratio is to low, i think fps would be a pain in the ass. And i'm affraid it won't happen.
  14. I would be interested in knowing how player to player Combat will work out. It is Confirmed, that you will be able to enter bigger ships, by bursting through the Walls. Its also confirmed in an interview (somewhere on youtube),that there won't be a shooter like fighting, because the way many players at the same space are handled, won't be able to suport this In the interview it has been said, that the combat is more like targeting someone and then shooting (using attacks?) What will dicide if my attack/ shot will or won't hit. Are there some stats, like Acuracy with you're wapeon, you may be able to train? And the Wapeons, will there be different Wapeons to be crafted? If so, are they beeing made by the player? Where will we get the Blueprints off them? Will there be a Leveling System acording to combat? I would be pretty interested in answers, to these questions. If anyone know something let me and others know.
  15. I see another Problem with making a ship disappear when logging off. Lets say i did Build i Big ship, which accts like a Big Market. Some Highly develloped Drones, to secure my ship, and hire some People all around the world, to Guarde my ship. Just like a Moving Space Market. If my ship disappears that would bring a lot of trouble. I for myself like the cryo thing. Maybe building an automated shig, which will stay in an orbit for some time. But if i want to get a low risk, of loosing my ship, i think you will have to go to a save place. It would be cool, if one needs to get the right, to sleep(log off) in a save zone, or something else, but logging back in after a week, and realising that the whole planet you logged of last week, is now owned by the enemy would be a big pain in the ass. I think in this case, you should be able to choose, to be teleported somewhere save (maybe without your ship). Of if something like that happend you would get something like a save traveling for some amount of time, where you will be able to move you ass to some place more save, but acting in PvP should deactivate this imediatly.
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