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  1. You get x12 Dual Access Coupons (DAC) Each DAC can be used to prolong game time for 1 month. You can use it yourself or give it to someone
  2. It was a joke that you inadvertently dragged further. My point was that it needs to be a transparent mechanism, easily accessible to players and not something you have to search for in the game (or google). I'm afraid so far this discussion contributes nothing.
  3. If NQ would decide to introduce such feature we will have to wait for it 3 - 6 months so we have a lot of time. And guessing by my current experience an active org need 20% of that time to put interesting Ads there.
  4. There are a lot of interesting things going on in the game that very few players know about. - Spaceship races - Pvp skirmishes - Combined mining operations on exotic asteroids - Alien core raids - Constructs exhibitions - Did you knew, that you can earn money as a combat pilot and the organization provides you with all the equipment and pays you for the mere fact that you participate in maneuvers? Players often don't know about all these opportunities, and even if they have heard about them they don't know how to access them. Dual Universe is a game designed with the idea that players create their own content and entertainment, yet it doesn't have even the simplest system to reach other players with their events and content. What if we made a message board accessible from the TAB menu? Very simple. Location, time, contact player, event description, some kind of illustration and a list of categories by which such a board could be sorted.
  5. You will get 36,9 like everyone +3/mont this will give you 36,9 + 18 = 52,9 Basically Exotics gets +50% points during first 6 months
  6. I see your point. And I hope that our game will manage to achieve that sweet spot that makes everyone content. I think this discussion went pretty off topic as we are in honeycomb thread.
  7. Couple of other ideas - I like the idea of small agile fighters and big ships that needs crew. Maybe that would be a nice idea to Make L and M weapons more powerful (or S and XS less powerfull) but disallow to use them with remote controller. - With that being said, I think that there could be some L and M weapons designed to fight smaller ships. They could have better accurency against small targets but less damage and range. Still be more effective than just small weapons.
  8. Do you mean scanning range depending on core size / shield size?
  9. I thing that L weapons and XS weapons damage is ok, the problem is in M and S weapons. Because of the accurancy factor their effective damage is actually bigger than L weapons. If we would make L and M more accurate, we could than make the damage difference a bit bigger between L and M and S. Again, with very careful baby staps.
  10. I think that it would be a good change so nano ships would stop being so OP. But instead of changing the whole aghoritm I would just make L and M weapons more acurate at shooting small targets. I would be very careful though, not to make Fighter ships completely useless. Fighters being the core of the battle seems natural to me, and they support the carrier meta. Carrier meta is great because it makes combat logistics and planing much more fun.
  11. I disagree. We have a nice pvp system now. Far from ideal, but it's getting better and better. The cross section idea is great. It needs some balance so the tiny ships wouldn't be the ultimate weapon, but the variety of approaches it gives us is awsome. We have carriers, armed transporters, fighters and with new honeycomb we will get panzer L cores. Crossection thing also introduce great building chellenge that makes building combat ships a good fun. Also remember about the old "borg cube problem" that is now reduced to much less annoying "long bar" problem.
  12. One more thing. There is no extra light honeycomb on the list. I use Lithium for my ships because it has only 5 unit mass. Maybe Carbon fiber chould have a 5 unit mass ?
  13. Quick feedback 1). Very good direction of the changes from the PvPer point of view 2). Not so good direction from the realism perspective (Ultra lighr concrete is a good example here) 3). As to the balance in the table: I think that effective Hp of the honeycomb (after calculating resistances) could be about 30 - 50% bigger than in the table to be worth using 4). If I understand correctly then the big 240% difference in evective HP between the cheapest and the most expensive materials is to reduce the adventage of giant ships with kilotones of honeycomb (if so, than I think that it may actually work).
  14. I guess that's why you can have those "Very Heavy" Materials. If I understand correctly they will have a Huge concentration of HP in a very small volume
  15. Join the ranks of the space fleet We pay a substantial payroll We organize training and provide equipment Are you tired of calibrating mining units? Pirates are making your life miserable on the asteroid? Are you looking for a new and interesting source of income? We organize regular training and skirmishes in the game. We need combat pilots and will pay you to take part in these events. A single PvP event is fun that lasts from 1 to 3 hours. The amount we pay to participate depends on the skill level. 2,000,000h Level 1 - No skills at all 4,000,000h Level 2 - Piloting and gunner skills at level 2+ 6,000,000h Level 3 - Piloting and gunner skills at level 3+ and adequate combat experience 9.000.000h Level 4 - Piloting and gunner skills at level 4+ and adequate combat experience 12,000,000h Level 5 - Piloting and gunner skills at level 5+ and adequate combat experience We provide ships and supplies, the only thing you need to do is show up for maneuvers at the base in Alioth orbit. Join our discord https://discord.gg/J8cgcHCGh9 or contact Zych#9850
  16. Thank you all for the information. It will be fery useful for me
  17. Hello. Is it possible to use thrusters as adjustors in DU ? Maybe a switch or some special setting of an element? Thank you.
  18. @Belorion Nice shooting we had there today
  19. Ok, thank you. One more question. Can I vent the alien core shield during the combat lock like a normal shield?
  20. Thank you very much for that instruction ! I have a following question to one of the answers:: "Once you destroy it you need to claim the core and put a shield on it." How do I put the shield on the claimed core? Do I simply vent it or is the procedure more complicated? In the post about the attack on the gamma core honvik has written: "... A few of us frantically tried to repair the core and they did so we thought huzzar! we won the day. Sadly this was not the case in fact Legion blew it up within minutes (...) Thinking it was a bug one of us kept coming back with a ship and kept re-coring it " It seems like putting the shield on is a complicated operation and it seems hard to understand how it exactly works. Orginal post below: ) Honvik wrote
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