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  1. With the ore prices dropping, going to be tough for new players to advance when their surface ore doesn't respawn... just a heads up! Guess they could all go slave... I mean join orgs and get exploited for crap compensation by experienced players right? ? Update: Making this clear this is a sanctuary tile with ore not respawning.
  2. Yay, another topic to unproductively fight over, cause someone wants to split hairs on something that is clearly an annoying issue. NQ needs to fix the parking situation, the no dock bubbles make it almost impossible to land. Not that the dev's read these threads... but hey, that wouldn't in any way lead us to where we are today.
  3. I believe this community deserves some acknowledgement for those who have stayed through all the choices of NQ. Some here don't seem to get it and just call us "bitter veterans" but we knew what the game was like before some of these changes (the good and the bad), and though we may raise some hell, we do it cause we love the game. My major concern is that the number of players willing to sit by and wait for another few years dwindles with every stunt NQ pulls that shows their disrespect and disregard for the community. We have been placed in limbo on prospects of a wipe, which honestly I am pretty sure is going to roll out in 2022 at this point if they decide to rush to "launch" before 2023 due to funding issues. I speak from experience in development myself and I've never put a customer through this roller coaster. They have a community expectations management problem, because they themselves lack the ability to gauge of what they can and can't deliver on. "The era of trust us we know better than you" needs to come to an end cause we have some super smart people in this community. The developers need to be honest and state the reality of where things are at not a propaganda vlog/video/newsletter. What they are confident they can do before release. What they want to try but aren't sure if it will work. What we want that isn't going to happen before release. The conditions for a wipe scenario, and conditions for a no wipe scenario. Wipe or no wipe I don't mind as long as I have a relative idea what to expect (a deadline for when, what would be wiped, etc). This gives me as the player the ability to choose okay do I need to wait a bit, or how to play in a way I am okay losing all progress, or am I falling behind others by waiting?
  4. 100%, they have no incentive to be open to us, cause they know they will do what they #(*&@ well please and they can tell us to stuff it. Cause they hope to get cash from the new players, they don't care about the current community.
  5. Honestly the moons just plane suck....
  6. If they implemented fees for parking, then they could make the squatter on your tile pay you the fees directly! ❤️ I love this idea.
  7. Jake don't you know you are supposed either run the alioth 170kh mission 82 times for a total of 41 hours, or surface mine 100kl on Sanct before these grubby peasants can be allowed to leave Sanct? If you are a casual or a builder, then you should pay your subscription and live happy as a Sanct peasant for the rest of your gameplay! Muwahahaha!
  8. They have dug that hole so deep, very little hope for them to restore the full trust they once had with a large portion of their community.
  9. Being honest, decisive, and listening to your community would never work in game dev industry. (sarcasm)
  10. Stop talking sense. I just can't wait until the scavenging becomes... looting only the valuables, and leaving all the ugly butt structures abandoned littering Alioth. Going to look like a Minecraft server where someone left floating trees in the starting area for 50+ Km.
  11. One of many in the long list... cause I feel they lack a QA process other than throwing it at us, saying test this for two short weekends, and ignoring us.
  12. The treaty proposal has been updated to try to give another viable option.
  13. Other than this week as stated, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO MINE ROIDS... it takes too friggin long to fly out to them...
  14. But if you read what I post, what I am asking for is a Sanctuary tile, which I can move to be with people I like, that produces 200L of each T1 ore. That is a very small expectation. Alternatively, a SINGLE HQ tile where you could run industry, and mine without paying taxes to do the same on Alioth. But the dev's already told us casuals and builders to go back to sanct where we belong. So I am heading the advice, and asking in order to follow things that the devs have said, and you have said, that the scaled down version make a few accommodations so it doesn't suck so badly.
  15. @Zarcata Another 1-5 years, sounds about right, even then we know what it will be like cause look at the last 7-10 years of this games development.
  16. I could get in 15 minutes of mining what now takes a week if you have a single tile with and MU. As stated: - Roids take significant flight time, are limited to a weekend availability for best mining, and risk being emptied out when I usually can play later in the week.
  17. Whelp, not everything in life is neat little segmented boxes. For you it is a game, for others it is more. What it is for you doesn't automatically discount it as more for others. There was a lot in that post so take what you want from it, and discard the rest...
  18. The issue overall for me is time... this week has been a rare exception as I have the week off as I transition between work. - Autominers, at a scale to earn any income require significant time to optimized/maximize returns, which I don't/won't have. - Roids take significant flight time, are limited to a weekend availability for best mining, and risk being emptied out when I usually can play later in the week. - Selling designs was my primary source of income, however, people aren't really buying designs as the economic shock and adjustment has everyone hoarding quanta/resources. - The best mission on Alioth takes about 30 minutes round trip for 170kh. - The better pay missions off of Alioth take even more time that I don't have. Additionally I can't industry on any tile that I choose build on if HQ'ed not paying taxes which means raw material is useless, and must be shipped from my Sanct tile which only provides me 300L hematite, and 86L of quartz... and hour. Plus I have to fly between my Sanct tile and Alioth, which takes time significant time. So either I have to pay people with money I am not really earning to haul it, or I have to haul it and it means I lose my time to build, plus more time surface harvesting rocks for fuel, cause I don't make the money to really buy a lot of fuel. Plus the surface harvesting is very hard on my hands, and painful physically rl. So when I don't have time, it is a reality for me personally, and others that play casually, or only really want to build that we do lose 50% of our income. Otherwise we lose our precious time we have to build. The new update has punished builders and casuals, and those with limited TIME. This is a very real problem for Dual Universe, as this game won't scale if it is only accessible to those who can play every day, or play all weekend. The demographic it attracts is generally 30+ meaning most of us work, have families, and other obligations, etc. If I had 200L of every T1 on my Sanct tile, and could relocate my Sanct tile to collaborate with other like minded builders, then you would no longer see me on this forum, cause I would have what I need to play like I did before. I don't really want or need much, but what little I need and want, I cannot get, and what I had has been ripped out of my hands. My building project which I was forced to tear down was a stress coping mechanism for me, not just a game. It is how I managed my anger and stress so I could actually function like a normal person. I respect that for you this is just a game and a bunch of pixels, but for me, this is my zen garden... right now that garden is on fire... and I have no alternative method for keeping in balance. Actually trying to seek mental health resources because, I didn't realize how much I crutched on this stupid game to keep myself together. Because my work is working with victims of violent crimes, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. You can only hear so many stories of rape, and molestation and other heavy things without some sort of outlet, a person really isn't meant to deal with that level of trauma on a daily basis. Right now the worst part of it is, like I can't go out and socialize with friends cause when I try I am having trouble regulating my stress, cause my zen garden is gone. But that is all me and my crap, and I am trying to work it out, but you know like I am not the only person that needs this game to keep solid, to hold themselves together, some people are disabled, have health issues, unemployed, isolated, whatever is going on in their life, so they come in here to their own builds to escape and forget for a moment the stress. Now our stress relief has been turned into a chore by Devs with a weekly timer... I would be happy to go back to sanct if the tile had just the little resources I need to quietly build and not be on here angry on the forums, hurting because I had something good taken.
  19. I can't stop you from replying in any thread, but all of the inflammatory comments above actually violate the forum rules, especially when you persist in doing it when I have told you to stop. Posting off-topic replies or replies that are likely to drag the discussion off topic. Trolling (provoking) people Calling out other players or community members by name to shame them for actions or opinions you may disagree with. Naming and shaming is not tolerated. Flaming (insulting, attacking) people. Picking fights isn’t a good way to make your point. It usually means you don’t have one and are just trying to cause trouble. Last warning... either be decent or don't interact with me.
  20. 1. No, I also don't want to play MU Nanny, it takes too much time away from building if I was to do it at scale to make it "worth it". 2. The gain from this is definitely substantially less than prior mining. If you can't stop following me in every single thread with jabby little instigating remarks, I am going to first stop replying and if you keep at it I am going to start reporting. I am NOT looking for a fight with you but I am getting REALLY tired of you stalking me in the forums and trying to push my buttons so you can get a reaction for you to report me.
  21. Will be interesting to see how this poll continues to shape out...
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