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  1. That actually sounds very cool, if the protection costs resource to run, you get notified how much you have stored when invading forces trigger it and how long that will last. If you can get more there you can just keeping topping it up. This could make for some really interesting game play with groups performing sieges to 'starve' out the protection of large bases while the owners try to war with the blockading forces to end the siege or line break vital resource through to hold out longer. If it worked this way it should be prevented from just switching it on and off to maximise it's run time. It should have a cool down period proportional to how long it was on.
  2. I don't think the shielding should be automatically included with every structure it should be a costly and bulky additional unit to add to the structure so that small outposts hastily built and not invested in can be raided and destroyed by small pirate gangs in the normal areas. Purchase a small unit and only the core of the structure where you mount the defences and hide the storage get protection while if you invest in a larger unit you might be able to protect the entire installation. Once your protection drops and you do manage to defend it till they come back up, rebuilding isn't a massive hassle since the blue print for the entire structure is saved you just click repair and it will rebuild if you have the materials to hand. This system is also great for mercenary groups, you can put out a request for mercs to come and defend your property, book them to come and sit on it for the duration of the protection drop. How long the protection stays off shouldn't be too long, longer than 2 hours may be bit too long for players without a large amount of time and may strong arm people into just sitting at home base for their entire play time. Space guard simulator isn't fun.
  3. I'd prefer something akin to rust, you go to sleep and all your stuff even your ship you're in are persistent in the world. People can kill your sleeping form if your not in a safe zone and steal his stuff. This would be quite harsh but a rather fun experience for those on the fringes trying to dominate the pvp areas, you'd build bases with AI run defences specially to guard your sleeping form and your docked ship.
  4. So how will the inventory system work, in the brief trailer we see someone produce a cockpit and part of a ship hull from what i assume is their personal inventory so I'm guessing it's quite large in fact large enough to hold all the resources to build a fighter, done with the shake of his glowing hand (some sort of nano fabrication or something). How does this translate to ships, am i going to have to pipe/conveyor the minerals mined by the drill at the front of my ship back into a storage container or will the ship be one entity and the container fill by itself as long as it's part of the ship. Considerations for the piping/conveyor system is that it would make ship design complicated but in a good way, interesting to do and something to think about carefully and optimise so you're not weighing your ship down with too much internal piping but also you then fall into having to have connectors on the ship to link to other ships/buildings/star bases that you wish to trade with. If you go with the one entity approach there is less to think about and your ship designing doesn't require you to think about internal mechanics and functionality. With regards to trading you can simple shift resources from one cargo hold to the other without regard for how (probably short range tele) if they are close to each other. Then you have to consider the range that this transfer can occur at, can it be increased perhaps by scaling to ship size or perhaps some sort of power hungry module like molecular transporters and can you build ones so big you can buy and sell remotely to an entire planet or Solar system. You could also go with the one entity approach and require direct contact between the two such as having to touch hulls or sit on a buildings/star bases landing pads. Also what considerations are there for people who want to steal cargo, can you simple rock up and hack into it, perhaps you have to damage it to a certain threshold before you can loot it or even destroy it. Circle back around to the building side, we see him use his glowing hand, are there larger ship sized module versions that i can put on the front of a builder ship to produce large objects or would we have to design a capital ship in person in small pieces (not a good idea honestly lol). Once i finish my ship and have the blueprint how will production proceed, do i need a factory with a big open space for the ship to spawn into as arms piece it together or will it just pop out next to it, I don't think a small space station or building should be able to produce something larger than itself. What are people thoughts and if any of these questions are part of other threads can you link them in please.
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