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  1. What about making a Virtual arena for PvP in game. So the player will need to have a blueprint of a ship to have a ship. And basically it will be PvP where players, will be able to place bets and fight for rating and maybe season rewards. Since it will be virtual, no lose of ships for the players. And yet they will need a real made ship in metal, in order to make a blueprint. By doing this, this will stimulate the ship design and will require a more diversified engines on the market. And also attract people, who will be interested in PvP experience the most.
  2. A thought that came to my mind when Cube PvP became a plague. Why not make so that Elements that you can place on Dynamic core must be about the same size. For example on M core can be placed elements of S, M or L size. On S it is then XS, S or M. By doing so, The big ships will require a small ship assistance for small targets. Ships will eventually vary on there construct design and purpose in battle.
  3. im planning to become a good creator. So what you want exactly?
  4. yes, but the idea is to create something and after you know it works. Build it in Universe. IT is like a plan of an architect. Who draws the plan on paper and then builds it in life.
  5. From the last test, i come to know that I can look only at 1 item on the market at a time. And have to always untag the last 1 before look to other. Can it be done by auto. Normally it is only a few lines of code. This will help to all the new ones. Unless of course you, developers, have a solution to the lags and freezes of the market. Eventually it is impossible for me to use search function, since after the search it will crash the client.
  6. Best developers. Im new to this game as well as for this type of game. However, i thought about it and i think it will be nice to add following future. Put extra PC/terminal (like for a trade) which the player can use. It will take him to creation room. It can look like a GIANT room or just space. And in this area player can create ANY constract he want, static or dynamic. Player also will have access to unlimited and all kinds of parts for his creation. And after player finished his idea, he can create a list, where every peace he used for his project will be listed. Or maybe even a blueprint(although I think this is overreach). The list must look different in inventory then the blueprint. Some testing future, like flying around should be added too. This will help new people to create what they want and give them the idea of what they need to do. Now since it will be just a list, after player gets all he needs, he can start building the project. If this was already mentioned, my apology.
  7. Sounds interesting, however i would like to suggest different thing. Make the warp gate to look like a long big tube. Where you enter on 1 side and kind of fly out on the other, like a small light dot on incredible speed. AND when in the destination system you spawn in totally random location within this system. Of course in space and not in the center of a star or planet.
  8. How this even falls under this rules, since all what is mentioned and much more about Alfa3 NQ mentioned in there videos?
  9. As you all know by now, tomorrow is ALFA 3 test. With all the new stuf. So my question will be simple: WHAT WILL BE THE 1st THING YOU DO TOMORROW??? Forget about Dual Universe. 😴 Gather resources.💪 Build your 1st ship.🚴‍♀️ Build something BIG.🔨 Something else.
  10. Hey everyone. The moment i saw this game I could not resist getting it right away. From my experience I played FPS then Strategys(SC:Bw, SC2, AoE, ...) after found minecraft and RoboCraft. So i guess im somewhat familiar of what to do in this game and at the same time it will be completely new Experience for me. See you all in game.
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