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  1. I would build a vast city with a central building where people can buy stuff sell stuff or congregate freely
  2. Ok who is this eagleone guy anyway and if you really want to talk to the devs and not get ridiculed send them a private message, I do it all the time.
  3. What will you do with space drugs in a video game I don't get it
  4. So how is the liquid gunna work in DU? I really hope it won't be like space engineers where well you know it SUCKS and I was wondering how the water on planets will work I will be happy enough if it was somewhat like minecraft or better let me know what you think.
  5. Welcome Joshua welcome to the forums
  6. Welcome to the forums be sure to ask all the questions you want about the game we'd be happy to answer
  7. Wait I thought you guys spoke French is there some kind of automatic translator or something if not can you write an English copy of your description so now English speaking people can join. P.S. So do you have anything to do with the goonswarm coalition from eve online? Or is it just a coincidence.
  8. I don't read French but I know they were some kind of eve veteran group or something but I have a question WHERE THE HECK DID THEY COME FROM?! Maybe it was because I was inactive for a little bit but other then that they came pretty fast.
  9. The turning off for ever thing is what I fear the most. It would suck if a bunch of people leave and the game flops to the point no one can get anything done because no nations or stable economy has formed
  10. No this is not another hate message, and don't get me wrong I feel happy for those who shall first step off the ARKSHIP and enter Their new lives. But I would not be one of those people and here's why: First of all I know alpha is not going to be the "smoothest" thing in the world and I'm afraid the game will be ruined for me. Second of all what will you even do? Yeah being an alpha team member will really help the devs improve the game and give feedback but other then that what do you do I suspect anything the alpha team built will be completely removed by public release so don't build anything cool or don't get attached to that ship you built. I hope I didn't discourage anyone I just wanted to see if anyone else thought what I thought *Please know I created this thread with good intentions and I hope not to offend anyone reading and or posting on this thread*
  11. First person I want to recreate an FPS with my friends (if there will be hand held weapons) and also it's an RPG so FP will make it more realistic
  12. Why not put the entire city on a bunch of hovercraft units
  13. Building will be a major factor in dual universe and you will have to build something at some point, so what do you plan on building if anything?
  14. Well just like in real life mining can ruin a landscape drastically there one was a small mountain at the end of the las Vegas valley then back in the 80s people started mining the zinc deposits and now to this day the entire top half of the mountain has been mined off and it ruins my view of the city
  15. Same here, I was watching partiallyroyal playing simcity and one of the suggested videos was the 10 minute gameplay vid reposted by PR and the rest was history, (and research) P.S. I say that XPgamers video as well
  16. Ok I know there's discord and all that stuff but other than that how Will players communicate in dual universe will we use microphones or have som chat boar that lets all players within a certain radius communicate freely... Tell me what you think?
  17. I have four things in mind: 1, start a city/settlement 2, build off an already existing city 3, build a space elevator 4, establish a safe fast intercity rail system
  18. That's what I was thinking: using hovercraft/"maglev" units and use blocks to work as rails (Just wait I'll show you the prototype one I build it)
  19. i like all thies ideas I hope the devs read this thread
  20. I don't plan on the train turning(that would be to hard but I have an idea on how to curve the track along the planet's curve I also know how to use hovercraft units and some classic blocks like this https://propelsteps.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/mag-lev-diagram.gif?w=585 P.S. I do plan on automating my trains because why not although i need someone who can script *wink*
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