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    When the Demeter update goes live soon, some talents will be reset to fit the mining overhaul and the introduction of mining units. 
    The following list of talents will be reset and their points recredited to your available talent pool:
    Mining and Inventory Miner Mining Range Advanced Mining Mining Optimizations Scanner Upgrades Detector Upgrades Dredger Mining Efficiency Scanning Efficiency Scanner Advanced Upgrades Detector Efficiency Detector Optimization  
    Any of these actively training when the update is released will be taken out of the queue, and the points already invested during training will be seamlessly recredited to your available talent pool.
    Note that this will not be the case for the PTS, as you can simply refund your talent points there by typing /respec in chat and then reconnecting to the PTS.

    Join the conversation here. 
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    JackIV reacted to Distinct Mint in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    The negatives to a complete reset are:
    The tedium of putting talents back in again that you didn't want to respec; For people who are not actively playing, a talent wipe means that all queued talents are likely removed from the active training queue. This means when the player returns, they have hardly any accrued talent points, and they are pretty unhappy. (This is a beta: players aren't expected to play daily until launch.)
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    JackIV reacted to iIViperIi in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    I do not understand. It seems like there is unnecessary resistance to allowing us to respec talents. However, in a vast majority of games you spend some in game currency to allow yourself the ability to respec your talent points. It seems that you are already half way there with the ability to do so in PTS. So to make everyone happy, it would only make sense to allow us to purchase a respec pill at the market. This allows those that want to respect the ability to do so and those that despise the idea to continue to despise it and leave their talents alone. Why is this not your course of action in this case? This seems like a win win no brainer - what am I missing? 
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    JackIV reacted to DekkarTV in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    It's disappointing to see the community poll ignored and the decision to "spot reset" talents not fully explained. 
    Mining Rework-  It's not just about mining and most don't seem to get that.  This is an entire evolution of the gameplay loop within DU and the resulting change affects all aspects of the game. 
    Previously on NQ files;

    Mining WAS required by 90% of the community in order to build, earn money, do industry and pvp.  With the introduction of missions there was no reset of skills, but this enabled a new form of "trucker" gameplay where flight skills and defensive knowledge allowed for a new gameplay loop and new way of earning currency.  Those that did not like mining but had to spec into it did not get a reset of their skills. When pvp changed, most pvpers still had to mine to build ships, adapt the meta, and stay rich enough to continue fighting. (First change whole community received a reset at 0.23)  When the pvp honeycomb, shield, new gun size patch hit the entire meta was disrupted (good) however none of those players got any reset to fix their builds or be able to adapt to it without spending the next few weeks learning skills they didn't have prior and being stuck with skills they no longer needed. 
    So much has changed in the year since 0.23 dropped and the brutal impact it had on the community.  The community today is not the same as it was previously and has accepted and adapted to all of the changes that NQ has put forth.  The game is heading in a much better direction and evolving into a fully casual experience for everyone, while some are opposed, this actually creates a system where "less work" is required for the small time player to achieve their own personal goals.  Where previously one could spend weeks mining all the required materials for a build project, only to start building and then need to go mine again.  Now with this new system, they may go mine a bulk start, but their autominers can assist with providing materials while they build instead. (insert any job any player wants to do, and this assists).

    What NQ fails to realize is the need for a full reset.  Since mining can now be automated, every part of the talent tree and your "Year long Character Build" for your account is fully under stress.  Now that the community has a "clearer" view of the direction of the game as put forth by NQ in their streams, we may no longer simply want to play the game in the same fashion as we did a year ago.  With so many new loops and gameplay options available, and the ability to reduce overall time in some tasks while focusing on what you are passionate about, players should not be "held accountable" for their "talent builds" from December 2020 where mining/industrial regrowth (schematics) became the central focus of the vast majority of the community.  Players put talents into industry to help their friends/orgs better manage the growth of their futures, where as it may no longer be required if one simply wants to be the best space trucker they can be.  
    New builds open with a full respec of the tree, and although some may say "tedious" it really is just a pure laziness reason for not wanting to do it.  Like your tree now, just put the points back where they are. For the rest of the community that wants to "Evolve" with the game in its direction, so many new options are opened, but a year of talents block most of them for the vast majority of the veteren playerbase to date.

    New Builds and New ways to play are the future of DU.  Please NQ let us adapt fully and not just 2 weeks of skills.
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    JackIV reacted to CoyoteNZ in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    Then again 94 votes is a pretty much we don’t care response to the poll
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    JackIV reacted to DecoyGoatBomb in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    Honestly I think terraforming talents are just as effected in this scenario as mining talents. They are much less of an asset when mining asteroids. Full talent reset would be overkill but I would suggest including terraforming talents in this reset as well. 
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    JackIV reacted to CoyoteNZ in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    How about the terrain talents we all boosted for faster and bigger digging while looking ore. These will be of no use either, can these please be added to the list. 
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    JackIV reacted to i2eilly in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    +1 For PVP talents.  You have changed so much over the past few months with regards to PVP.  For example the statistics of voxels and the weapons statistics . Giving us a PVP point reset would really help out as some of us wasted a lot time training talents geared towards the old PVP voxel and weapon statistics.
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    JackIV reacted to Cobqlt in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    Can you please do the same for PVP? You change all time our voxel tanking, our weapon, capacity cost, the meta itself... Don't listen only PVE players plz, thanks.
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