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    CaptainGnome reacted to Area51 in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    So all the tier 2 ores on Alioth are 0L/H - that's a bug right? an 200L/H for Tier 1 - that's approx. 1/2 a single scoop of traditional mining - that ain't gonna power no industrial complex - who comes up with these numbers???
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    CaptainGnome reacted to Area51 in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    Why don't you add some Mining Units in the Markets for those of us without access to our Factories? Having to make them first is a bit of a pain when we have Mega's to mine out and what we should be testing is how badly the Mining units are going to perform and how ridiculous the Taxes are going to be! Of course we'd need a working ship to go buy them but............. words fail me (non expletives that is)
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    CaptainGnome reacted to Doombad in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    I want to voice a strong agreement with this post and add the atmo brake change will be disastrous to nearly every ship. Something like this needs more time and socialization.
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    CaptainGnome reacted to spacecat in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    Considering that the underground nodes will be removed it seems that the 15 minute timer on claiming territories is now useless and a hindrance if we want to deploy cores and set up miners for a recently claimed tile. 
    I would also agree with the problem of existing scan giving larger orgs a large advantage.
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    CaptainGnome reacted to Orth_Tanic in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    Is Biden running the show? 1 M a week for tax's that is way to high do away with tax's and keep it how it is I would rather pay a high price upfront to not be taxed. That and people have real lives sometimes people might not be able to get logged into the game and then when they come back they will owe millions in tax's 

    Not good tax's suck in RL no need to have them in a game. I have played other games that required tax's to be paid to keep land and it killed not only me but entire clans from playing it.  Looking at that I have I am not sure I would even be able to afford keeping what I have had for over a year now. I don't really see myself playing a game where all my time is used up to make sure my "tax's" are paid. I been all in 100% with DU but this change may make me rethink playing. 

    Tax's can be a HUGE game braker. The only way you will be able to survive is if your in a large Org with a large cash flow the solo player and smaller orgs will die and people will stop playing. 
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    CaptainGnome reacted to CMDRTaco in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    The L/hr seem too low even with talent and adjacency bonus for the 1 mil/week tax. Either the rate needs to go up or the tax drastically reduced. The brake change is horrible. I know the current implementation was temporary, but requiring the entire brake to be exposed is going to usher in the golden age of freaking ugly ships. Please change the requirement to be only the front surface to be exposed.
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    CaptainGnome reacted to Shaman in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    I am loving the changes so far (especially the ability to play your most recent emote), but I would like to mention:
    I don't think you should be taxed for the first tile you place on a planet, just like how the first tile was free pre-demeter, so that you can safely have your house on a tile without it being evicted if you leave too long. Not doing this will leave most planets empty as many people will migrate to space. IK you guys are taxing for mining but I think its a bit unfair if you don't want to - e.g. you sell ships and money can be few and far between, so could you guys maybe consider changing this? Perhaps you could add an option to your tiles where you don't get taxed, but can't mine either? I'm usually pretty stoic about changes you make, but the new brake system really struck a nerve. these things are too flat and large to fit on the outside of sleek / detailed ships. can we see some changes so that we don't have to scatter them around our constructs like plate armour? maybe xl brakes? thanks! -Shaman ?
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    CaptainGnome reacted to i2eilly in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    I came to the PTS to test auto mining for you and can only use 1 charge then have to wait 3.5 + hours to use another?

    This doesn't seem a good way to test the autominers, we could have started with the max amount.  I also messed up the calibration so now I can't activate any other auto miners.
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    CaptainGnome reacted to NQ-Pann in Call for Demeter-related questions   
    Since the Ares Q&A video seemed to be pretty popular, we're planning to do another to answer your questions related to the approaching Demeter update. Please drop them in this thread. 

    We politely yet strongly request that you wait until after you've explored the Demeter content on PTS a bit before posing questions. A lot of the information you seek may be discovered through your hands-on gameplay adventures.  Likewise, you should watch the Demeter vlog before asking questions here. Many questions we've seen this week were accompanied by people admitting that they hadn't watched the video.  We know it's long and cannot compete with great videos like this and this, but it's really important stuff. Maybe watch in increments, taking a snack break here and there. (Protip: The segment with Deckard pairs well with cheesy poofs.) We will only answer Demeter-related questions.   
    Thanks in advance for your participation and what I'm sure will be superamazingbangerangadelic questions. 
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    CaptainGnome reacted to Hagbard in Demeter will probably Kill the game if it goes to live servers..   
    Ok, usually i am not negative but the balance of Demeter on the PTS server has some severe problems.
    1. Territory costs of 1m per week:
    this will lead to almost nobody claiming any tiles any more outside of the sanc moon unless the territory can produce some serious income. so all "player made content" will disappear after some time
    2. Scanning results do not get deleted and show l/h for mining units
    this will lead to ALL really valuable tiles being claimed within the first 24h after demeter goes live, as it is really easy to identify  the most powerful tiles for mining units if you have containers full with scanner results.
    so after day 1, the fun is over and the "mega tiles" will be claimed by those players/orgs that have all the existing scans.
    NQ, as demeter is balanced on the PTS, it would kill the game if it goes to the live server
    - New players some days later would not have a chance to find income opportunities despite missions.
    - earning quanta will be a lot harder, so people would stop spending.. this would kill industrialists workflow.
    - the imbalance between experienced players/orgs and new players would get worse and even more players would demand a wipe or simply not enjoy the game

    please reconsider your decisions.


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