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  1. *chuckles* No, it isn't. And none of those permissions actually work currently. It's convoluted as hell. I could make the whole damn thing be on a single UI window and require nothing more than a few click and a name input. Currently it's 4 windows and 3 menus deeps, NOTHING about that is "simple".
  2. 16GB of ram is all you need for this game. Though if you have a ton going on in the background then yes 32GB may be better. I have 64GB of ram and the game isn't going above 16GB of ram.
  3. I have a 9700k in one of my PCs, running the game on that shows similar stats, though my CPU temp is showing 56 degrees temperature, but it has a water block cooler with a 380mm radiator cooling it. The game also shows only 4 threads being selectable in settings.
  4. Keep in mind this was NOT some random person on discord. I would simply block/ignore them and move on. It was one of the higher ups, entrusted by the developers with special privileges to help players. Most of the other players were indeed quite helpful. But when the people running the show are rotten to the core, it doesn't matter how many good people you have in the audience, the show will suck.
  5. Yeah I have not seen any real use for them either, since they restrict almost all actions aside from a few, they have very very limited uses. Not useful for market either as they can't keep items, and you have a remote market tool anyway. About the ONLY use I could come up with was moving stuff around in containers for already fully automated assembly lines that you somehow have not yet automated inventory management for. Maybe also for social visits on friends just to say hi in person.
  6. However be warned, that permissions in this game is one of the most convoluted, and poorly conceived systems I've ever seen in a video game. Hell EVE's ORIGINAL rights and permissions system was better than this. You can eventually get it to work, but expect visible frustration and throwing of household objects while working towards that goal. Friend actually quit the game because he got so pissed off trying to get it to work.
  7. Yeah I experienced some of the real human trash on the official discord too. Asked a simple question about how to make a carrier with smaller ships on a larger one, one of the "special" people gave a short undetailed answer, so I asked for more information on how it works and was told to "take it or leave it and piss off". If thats the literal garbage the devs take favor with... this game and its community are already circling the toilet bowl.
  8. I didnt try adding any voxels... may be a good idea to test, perhaps this has something to do with the annoying desynced build/non build mode constructs showing different voxels.
  9. I have two systems, my main home pc, and my work laptop. Home PC i9 9900k RTX 2080TI 64GB 3800htz ram Intel Optane PCIE SSD Performance: Run the game at max everything at over 120fps (Game dips at times in really crowded areas like the market.) Work Laptop i5 6300HQ GTX 960 16GB 2400htz ram Samsung 860 SSD Performance: Have to run the game at bare minimum settings, and lower my resolution from 1920x1080 down to 1280x760 to get a solid 60 fps.
  10. Isn't this where you basically make a bridge using a force field?
  11. Currently the only renewable resources are the surface deposits. Those respawn quite fast, but are obviously the worst source of resources. Everything else in the game will eventually run out. (Though asteroids may become another infinite source down the road.) The devs claim it will take years to mine out the starter planet... I chuckle every time they say that. It won't last a year. I've single handedly since beta started mined out 3 tiles down to 2000m. If everyone did that at my pace it'd run out in a few months.
  12. The first day of beta was the ONLY time I've had any blueprint work. 13 tries of different blueprints later and not a single one has worked. Its always missing voxels (Mine never reappeared) or the blueprint giving a missing item error, despite having 20 of those items in my inventory. (Usually the pilot chair or emergency module giving the error.) So for me they are indeed completely broken. Also every guild member has also reported them almost never working. This is a MAJOR issue, as I have spent a lot of time on these designs and can't make any more for guild mates. (Some of these designs took months)
  13. As the title says, blueprints are 100% broken currently. I have nearly 2 dozen of them, ones from alpha, and ones I made today. None of them work. They either say I'm missing items in my inventory that "I HAVE IN MY INVENTORY" hence the green cube. Or when placed the blueprint is ONLY the modules are placed, and all honeycomb materials vanish into the ether, removed from my inventory but never placed, leaving me with a giant ball of floating modules.
  14. We've been asking for the option to completely disable this since early alpha. Seems they either can't, or won't do that. So you stuck with the incredibly frustrating mutating shapes.
  15. Name: Valhalla Region/Timezone: -6 GMT (Central USA time) Language: English What type of Organization are you looking for? Pvp/Industry, with more of a lean on pvp. (12 year eve online vet) Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: Pvp combat/Mining/Empire Building Roleplay interest? Not really. Other: Would prefer a larger organization, but anything over 40+ active players is fine. Preferred contact method: Forum PM or Discord is fine. Discord: Valhallis#8663
  16. I'm still very new to this, my initial experience is that the system is both very simple if you treat it like a simple block builder similar to starmade or minecraft. But things get MUCH harder when you want to make more complex structures and designs. Several days in an I still can't figure out how to do complex slopes for the life of me. I need a good tutorial for it. I have seen some amazing things made in this game, and I can now completely understand why they are called volexmancy because I have no idea who you'd even start to attempt making such things.
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