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  1. Cinderfall would like to welcome the following new members to the Syndicate: Alexander_Gonzales kohsumi yogi1992 TanderCoxic Jaysonnj TheKoolBanana OCTANDOR jorahn VoxTheFox Welcome! We are honored to have you among us as CSYN citizens.
  2. [CCC #1] Purpose: Cinderfall's Directive Simply put, Cinderfall exists to maximize its members’ ability to enjoy Dual Universe. The Cinderfall Syndicate is an organization established to provide an international identity and means of cooperation between both individuals and organizations. It is not a typical corporation, nation, or alliance. Rather, the Syndicate is the manifestation of a mutually beneficial agreement between people and organisations that certain basic laws need to exist in order for all of our members to enjoy life in the universe, as they did in the Golden Age of Earth. Perhaps parallels can be drawn between Cinderfall and the United Nations, but we extend far beyond the scope of a simple coalition. Cinderfall vows to rebuild civilization not through the eyes of a corrupt bureaucracy, but in the way humanity as a whole would have intended: to a universe of balance and harmony. Feel like you were destined to lead humanity back to the Golden Age? Welcome to Cinderfall.
  3. Hello, Dual Universe! We at the Cinderfall Syndicate welcome all of the new pioneers to Alioth. You are among the chosen, the survivors proven fittest to restore the lost ashes of humanity to its former burning glory. Cinderfall, too, sets out to rebuild civilization, restore order to the universe, and promote enjoyable gameplay to all of its members, whatever that may entail. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be releasing a crash course series in order to better help you understand Cinderfall and to provide you the information you need going forward into your new life as an Arkship Pioneer. OUTLINE Introduction Cinderfall's Purpose Cinderfall History Structure Overview The Directorate The Magistratum The Syndicate Senate The Nexus Network The JSDF Going Forward Project Emberstone The Verdict Each course will be designated with a [CCC] tag at the top. They will be released by the weekend. Come by CSYN's community portal page anytime and drop off an application --> https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/csyn-cinderfall-syndicate Or drop by our public Discord server and experience the CSYN family --> https://discord.gg/YRDDeT6
  4. Welcome welcome! Please keep all body parts within the hype train at all times. Enjoy your trip aboard the DU Express.
  5. The poor thread - it's going to get eaten by the memeswarm.
  6. Welcome welcome! DU is like the best thing to happen to the world since Reddiwhip.
  7. There could certainly be some physical goodies (T-shirts, 3d models, posters, mugs maybe) as well as perhaps in-game exclusives (skins, cosmetics, an alpha backer/supporter tag).
  8. Well very appropriately, some new container models were released this week by the devs They're perhaps not the massive cargo containers that you all are discussing here...but maybe they do compress matter
  9. I was really hoping for some competition...not that it would have made any difference. House of Astrophil still dominates. The TU can attest. Their military uniforms? Yup.
  10. Remember to wear Astrophil everyone! House of Astrophil: Designing overpriced clothing and suits since 12300.
  11. ODY is the coolest, most collected, most organized, and overall sexiest ship construction and industrial corporation I've seen yet. Kudos.
  12. Tbh DU is a lie!!! The devs are making it all up! Bluedrake42 said so
  13. Pay no attention to Kiklix. Recently the cotton candy has been getting to his head...not to mention his cat allergy. Welcome to DU.
  14. It actually appears much smaller in the video than I would have imagined.
  15. Well I should think the title of the organization somewhat contradictory. If I recall, this "not a pirate coalition" is called the "Coalition of Pirates and Smugglers". Food for thought.
  16. Thanks for all the feedback on the video! And is that Jimmy Fallon...?
  17. The Cinderfall Syndicate is proud to reveal, after many hours of work, its own history. Please enjoy the visual experience prepared for you below:
  18. Chromion Industrial is a fantastic option for those tireless miners, grinders, and ship designers out there. Halo is a great leader...he doesn't bite. Usually.
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