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    Doctor reacted to NQ-Naunet in Talent Points   
    The points will be applied after a brief downtime starting at 9 am UTC | 4 am EST on December 17th.  
    Hello Noveans,
    December is halfway over, meaning the arrival of the new year is tantalizingly close! 2021 is sure to usher in some big changes, and we couldn’t be more excited to experience those with you. 🎁
    While we were rolling out 0.23.1, we noticed that players who had talents in training lost what was accumulated during our downtime. So, in the spirit of bringing out the old and ringing in the new we would like to offer everyone 1 million talent points (~1 week’s worth) to not only replace lost points, but also as a bit of a holiday gift! Build, explore and be merry!
    Thank you for your continued support. We sincerely hope that you and yours enjoy a restful holiday season!

    The Novaquark Team
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    Doctor reacted to Kruzer in Continue playing or quit the game (after 0.23)   
    Can you imagine being a new player? Every hex that isn't a 25km flight to the nearest market is claimed or mined out.  Testing the cargo limits of whatever ship you've managed to scrape together you hit the lagfest aka markets and crash your ship.  Your little xs core is destroyed and you need to buy a new core.  Just as you are feeling lucky that the market you've crashed at actually has one in stock, the price of the thing comes into your field of vision.  You stare blankly at the screen for 30 seconds before hitting the escape key and punching the exit to desktop.  The only bright spot is that they've probably quit the game before seeing the price of a schematic.
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    Doctor reacted to Mordgier in Continue playing or quit the game (after 0.23)   
    Please explain to me what establishing yourself in the game means if it doesn't mean setting up industry.
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    Doctor reacted to echa in Continue playing or quit the game (after 0.23)   
    And people like YOU are why this game is going to die. Don't tell other people how the game should be played or what to do in their free time.
    Removing gameplay options is almost never a good idea, especially when there's already so little to do in the first place. Have fun building your digital civilization with 12 people.
    The great thing about free markets and capitalism is nobody is required to pay for products they don't like. You and JC may not like the way people are playing the game but guess what, we're the ones paying NQ's bills. It doesn't matter why people left or if they were playing the "wrong" way. NQ is now missing that revenue stream and the game is missing the content those players could have produced.
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    Doctor reacted to Singularity in Automatic Mining Bots Are An Extremely Bad Decision   
    If they made a proper scanner that could actually triangulate ore positions, then there wouldn't be a desire to automate it. If I have 2 hours to mine and 1.5 of that is spent trying to locate ore, you bet I want that automated. If I spent most of that time actually mining I wouldn't want or need an automated mining operation.   
    My goal is not to play "shitty scanner simulator 2020". A bandaid solution like automated mining is just avoiding the real problem.
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    Doctor got a reaction from SquidGun in So what Style of ships would you build or buy?   
    I will most likely be building ships along the lines of the Vanduul Scythe.or the Aegis Reclaimer from Star Citizen.

    (Sorry if the pictures are slightly big I don't know how to scale them down)
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    Doctor reacted to Icarus in Pistons, Joints, Compartments and Building mode.   
    I dont know exactly whats in the game already, but iv always thought it could be interesting to have deployable weapons on ships hidden behind compartment doors... when they open a piston pushes them out or a joint pulls them out of the compartment for use. This would also help with giving ships a more smooth design for smaller ships and also for diplomatic reasons, ships could essentially "holster" their weapons to show a sign of no-hostility. 
    Also, multiple building modes would be helpful... 
    The normal building mode: Place the transparent blue block and it becomes and object
    Blueprint mode: Any Transparent blocks you place stay transparent until you change back to normal mode, this way changing things will be easier.
    Cut-away mode: the option to pull sections of the ship off in order to get to the inside parts... this would make it easier to upgrade parts or simply change things on this inside rather than having to delete parts and have to replace them.
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    Doctor reacted to yamamushi in Building under water.   
    Dual Universe is using Unigine, and here's a demonstration of the water in it:

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    Doctor reacted to SzaryWilk in Building under water.   
    Maybe we can have planets in DU where 90% will be water, huge oceans. Would be nice if we could build underwater structure.....buildings, bases.
    We would need special modules to live under water and special materials for the construction of structures.
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    Doctor reacted to Admiral_Adama_ in Wormholes?   
    (sorry for my english it is not perfect)
    Natural anomalies that can transport you on far distance, on another side of galaxy or even in other galaxies. 
    There can be some wormholes features:
    1. To detect them you should have some high-tech sensors, or just find it randomly (almost impossible)
    2. Wormholes can drift in space changing their position periodically. 
    3. Only small ships can use wormholes. Large ships can use it only with large energy spending.
    4. There is unknown what you waiting on the other side, or to figure that you have to send probe that can give you some data.
    Wormholes can be used to find new places for colonization, or place to hide your supersecret military base
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    Doctor reacted to MindSpunk in Logging out   
    For once, space engineers did something right here and has tackled this issue with their Cryopod system. Basically you get into it when you log off, and when you log back in you are still in the cryopod and can resume whatever you were doing. If someone were to drop connection though, im not so sure. I guess to solve that issue you just drop the cryopod kind of system and when you are within a ship you're position relative to the ship is saved and loaded on reconnect.
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