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  1. I agree. I would also like the ability to remove a link from within the industry's gui.
  2. Friday

    detector upgrades

    Try using the scanner to estimate where the ores are and you won't need the detector at all. The trick I use is that I only move in 6 possible directions when searching for ore: Cardinal: 0, Angle 0 Cardinal 180, Angle 0 Cardinal 90, Angle 45 Cardinal 90, Angle -45 Cardinal 270, Angle 45 Cardinal 270, Angle -45
  3. Can we give the economy a little more time? It has been a week and a half since Beta started. There are items that take that longer than that to craft. Me and many other player are dedicated to building items and listing them on the market for everyone. The one thing that will ruin industry is constantly changing the way the market works. How am I supposed to price raw and finished products if NQ is constantly turning market bots on and off?
  4. Current PvP is limited to outside of the 3 inner planets and their moons. If you hit F4 to open your map You can see the Safe Zone ring. Around each planet there is also a small safe zone for now. From my understanding there is not constant PvP right now. PvP appears to be limited to the occasional gank. Going into space from Aloth is very difficult, the sanctuary moon even more so. You will probably need additional atmosphere engines and wings or ailerons in addition to the space ones. You don't need any sort of cabin and your hover chair is okay. Right now the general goal for most people is making money and building bigger ships/constructs. The best way to do this will depend on your preference. Most people or mining, building factories, or both.
  5. I used plastic for my first ship, but Aluminum is also good. You can inspect the different voxels in the market to check their density.
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