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  1. lol at all the people who think like 200 docile miners can keep the servers online empty games don't pay bills
  2. Didn't read but lol give me your internet space ship parts.
  3. I don't think in-game voice is a good idea for DU.
  4. The meta is punch as hard as you can with as little as you need. Risk v Reward will always demand this. I think the L radar reach on xs is absolutely silly though. Currently, M+ are just loot pinatas
  5. i posted my suggestion for this here: this way it doesn't have to be a death *cube*, but it could be a death *lance* or *potato*
  6. A big driver of the xs borg cubes is the build volume. Optimizing your build volume for maximum parameters will naturally be the course players choose to take in a combat game. Undoubtedly changing data storage format for the voxels at this point would be prohibitively expensive. My suggestion is to store an additional metadata field or lookup that contains a coordinate space transform matrix of the voxel data so that we can have different build space options. I would very much like to not have to fly around in a box, and I think this would help. thank you for hearing my ted talk
  7. dont be angry imo Also just lol this pvp tune pass was tuned for game circumstances which we cant talk about because NDA, but yeah they need to retune and probably will.
  8. Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time).
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