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  1. Schems should absolutely stay in the game. They add value to the market.. the main problem most players had with them was HOW they were introduced not that they were introduced. They should have been introduced after a wipe.
  2. She will be missed for sure
  3. Joa I absolutely agree with you. The game needs to figure out what it is. It’s almost like it’s having an identity crisis. I hope it survives.
  4. Hi there, one of the leaders of boo here. Just so everyone is clear and not surprised in the future: if you have an event in pvp space expect us there. I don’t think it will matter what it is. We get our joy from fighting. Honestly I don’t think it will matter if the event is “1000 ships to go hunt boo” we will be there. I’m not sure why your upset with boo being there and not upset with your hired “protectors” for not doing their job. You know what came from this event? Ppl in boo that took a break came back to go raid...and I’m pretty sure some will now come back from the ac as well. I’m sure that a few ppl were upset from the event but they probably now know that the pvp zone is just that: a high risk area(and at the moment there is really no point to be there). But at the end of the day we were just looking for a fight. That’s what we want from the game... we didn’t break any rules of civilization or any of that... besides you can’t have good guys without bad guys and trust me: we are a bunch of assholes
  5. I just wish they would turn on the trees just for you...
  6. discordauth:DcfHlcDR_NftR30_WoGSXcJuPgKTOT0vFPR0kxmQzew=

  7. Just introducing myself so that I can auth on discord! cant wait to play in the new alpha! Also looking for a good group to join!
  8. discordauth:DcfHlcDR_NftR30_WoGSXcJuPgKTOT0vFPR0kxmQzew=


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