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    Abatos got a reaction from MitoGaterau in [Idea] Dynamic Voxel Tool   
    The dynamic voxel tool would make blocks by drawing the lines of the block.

    For example :

    Step 1 : select start point (snapped to grid.)
    Step 2 : select second point creating your first line.
    Step 3 : select third point creating second line.
    Step 4 : select the first point again to create a third line and close the starting plain.
    Step 5 : select the points for y axis plane.
    Step 6 : select the points for your z axis plane.
    Step 7 : the planes would be created based on the lines drawn, and creating the final dynamic block.

    I'm probably not explaining it well but the idea is to have a tool that can create very dynamic shapes compared to the line tool. This new dynamic voxel tool would be exceptional for sloped angles similar to what you would see in Lamborghini. 

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    Abatos got a reaction from IceNine in ANATHEMA - A More Humane Way of Killing Enemies   
    Anathema sounds like a solid Org, I hope you do well.
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    Abatos reacted to Pilot 901 in Social Sciences   
    We all know that DU is a game based on it's community, which is supposed to build civilizations : cities, politics, economy etc ... Players will act according to their personal feelings and by their own means to reach their goals.
    What i was wondering about, is that it could be a very good experiment to observe all the different behaviors player could have (builders, traders, warriors, diplomats ...) and their interactions, like a huge mini-world with potentially thousands of guinea pigs (us ^^') !
    This kind of stuff happened in WOW when a bug just spread a contagious virus in the game that created a real plague situation (The Corrupted Blood incident), and it has been a really interesting event for people who were looking to analyze player's behavior (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrupted_Blood_incident#Models_for_real-world_research).
    To me, DU is an opportunity for social scientists to look for similar situations.
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    Abatos reacted to Zandermir in just saying hello   
    just wanted to say hi
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    Abatos reacted to Haunty in Can we make very tall vertical ship   
    There are anti-gravity devices: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/10/24/about-the-new-anti-gravity-devices/
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    Abatos reacted to Supermega in Can we make very tall vertical ship   
    Yes you can, wings only make a ship more fuel efficient when flying in atmosphere.  You don't need wings to make a ship fly.
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    Abatos reacted to Blackst4rr_ in ANATHEMA - A More Humane Way of Killing Enemies   
    [Click Here to Start Processing]
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    Abatos reacted to Aaron Cain in ANATHEMA - A More Humane Way of Killing Enemies   
    For some reason i had to laugh while reading it imagine a big guillotine on alioth near the Arc. but apparently that was not the idea.  
    Good luck with the organization!!! 
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    Abatos got a reaction from Davis in [Recruiting] United Earth Space Corps [UESC]   
    United Earth Space Corps [UESC]

    The United Earth Space Corps is a military faction with a lawful good alignment.
    We are courageous warriors, and we are wolves, and together our wolfpack will be unstoppable.
    Initially the U.E.S.C. aims to be a small to medium (20-100) player faction focusing on friendship and teamwork.
    We strive to be the best of the best in military combat and military ship design.
    Warriors of the U.E.S.C. have the freedom to build and upgrade their own ships.
    If you are in a wolfpack (party) the reward is split evenly between all warriors in the wolfpack regardless of rank.
    If you go hunting as a lone wolf you keep all of the reward.
    For larger projects members can choose to donate credits and materials to expand our military.
    Weekly events will be held once full server persistence is available.

    Members will receive :
    Training in all forms of combat. An Elite Fighter craft. Armour, Rifle, and other ordinance for small arms combat. A Hangar for your Fighter craft with personal storage. Personal residential apartment with personal storage.
        With Courage we will fight for Freedom!

        Will you join the wolfpack of the U.E.S.C.?


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    Abatos reacted to Davis in Active Gamer in Search of a Organization   
    Hello Everyone, 
    My name is Davis and I am in search of an active organization to join. I myself come from a heavy role-play background and have lead various "factions" within this niche realm of gaming. I was originally going to start my own organization here with friends, but unfortunately a lot of them are skeptical that NQ can achieve what they claim they will achieve and have decided not to commit to the game. I however am a firm believer this game is going to be everything I've ever wanted and would like to play with people who also are huge fans of this game!
    Like a resume I'll list a few things below that I think make me attractive as a prospect for an existing organization;
    I understand and believe in abiding by a hierarchy in order to achieve goals.  I have strong communication skills and understand the importance of diplomacy.  I am adult with a job, and therefore have a at least 12-15 hours a week to sink into gaming.  I have 4 years experience in a leadership position which involved a faction of 35+ real people.  I understand the importance of resource management and allocation, and that games like this requires a team effort, not a selfish approach.   
    As a side note, I'm not particularly interested in joining the massive organizations that exist. I'm looking for a small to medium sized group, that way I can contribute more actively to the growth of said organization. 
    Not much else to add, I look forward to any future conversations we may have! 
    Discord Tag - Davis#3285
    Best Regards, 
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