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  1. You're more than welcome to do so. I'm also quite interested in observing how the world grows and evolves as time goes forward.
  2. I got a small military group I'm trying to grow if you're interested. I got one guy who plays in the times you laid out. Send me a pm if you're interested.
  3. There's a lot I can't say due to the NDA, but I would recommend looking at the videos on youtube about DU, it shows a lot of what's in game at the moment. Also, it's an alpha, so expect an alpha experience.
  4. This looks pretty cool! I hear there are several ancient artifacts around the solar system, would be cool to know where they are and to help with future mysteries.
  5. Anathema sounds like a solid Org, I hope you do well.
  6. Still looking for recruits, join the UESC discord and sound off in the Embassy. We'll be getting some nice ships rolling out during the next play session for new members to use.
  7. I know this idea has probably come up a thousand times but it really is crucial. Please add a symmetry mode for building constructs. Thank you, and have an awesome day.
  8. In Kerbal Space Program I found having a 'Center of Lift' overlay really helps with construction of airplanes. It's critical that the lift of the craft be centered to prevent the plane from tilting forward or back. Thanks for your time, Abatos
  9. The dynamic voxel tool would make blocks by drawing the lines of the block. For example : Step 1 : select start point (snapped to grid.) Step 2 : select second point creating your first line. Step 3 : select third point creating second line. Step 4 : select the first point again to create a third line and close the starting plain. Step 5 : select the points for y axis plane. Step 6 : select the points for your z axis plane. Step 7 : the planes would be created based on the lines drawn, and creating the final dynamic block. I'm probably not explaining it well but the idea is to have a tool that can create very dynamic shapes compared to the line tool. This new dynamic voxel tool would be exceptional for sloped angles similar to what you would see in Lamborghini.
  10. Does anyone know how to use the 'Justify alignment' command for post formatting? Or maybe there's a guide or FAQ about formatting on the forum? Or the forum shortcuts?
  11. United Earth Space Corps [UESC] The United Earth Space Corps is a military faction with a lawful good alignment. We are courageous warriors, and we are wolves, and together our wolfpack will be unstoppable. Initially the U.E.S.C. aims to be a small to medium (20-100) player faction focusing on friendship and teamwork. We strive to be the best of the best in military combat and military ship design. Warriors of the U.E.S.C. have the freedom to build and upgrade their own ships. If you are in a wolfpack (party) the reward is split evenly between all warriors in the wolfpack regardless of rank. If you go hunting as a lone wolf you keep all of the reward. For larger projects members can choose to donate credits and materials to expand our military. Weekly events will be held once full server persistence is available. Members will receive : Training in all forms of combat. An Elite Fighter craft. Armour, Rifle, and other ordinance for small arms combat. A Hangar for your Fighter craft with personal storage. Personal residential apartment with personal storage. With Courage we will fight for Freedom! Will you join the wolfpack of the U.E.S.C.? https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/united-earth-space-corps#tab-description https://discord.gg/4hxk98Y
  12. I am also not a robot.. *wink wink
  13. VALIDATE MEEEEEE... please? Edit : oh right it's the middle of the night in france, whoops. ? I shall wait, patiently.. sort of.
  14. Hey I'm Abatos, the leader of the UESC, and I'm chompin at the bit to get into Alpha 2! I'm excited to work with all of you in the coming months to develop constructs and ships for the game, even if we're not in the same org. The UESC already has substantial ties with various orgs such as Tranquility, Empire, The New Horizion, The Sivean Society, The Federation Alpha, and many more to come in the future. See you, 'AROUND THE VERSE', oh wait that's the other game. XD
  15. I'd love to have you with the United Earth Space Corps. I only have a few members for DU at the moment, but I'm definitely looking to expand to 30 or more over time. I definitely have more of a, every member counts type of mentality, instead of just trying to get as many people as possible. I've played a ton of Space Engineers and I'm a very experienced ship designer. The UESC has existed for over 4 years now and has always brought high caliber members from military, to architects, to programmers. It would be a real honor to have you on the team. https://discord.gg/ByrSx3
  16. discordauth:rS9v2z6TjPhHt8k9UebR-tSe_wz5f-GxbkAl-KOeDxA=

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