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  1. Der Shuttleservice bringt dich immer nur von einem District auf Alioth zu einem District auf Sanctuary. Sprich wenn du im District 1 bist bringt er dich zu Sanctuary 1, bei District 2 zu 2, usw. Bist du zufällig durch einen der Teleporter auf Alioth geganen ?
  2. Du brauchst keine Raketentriebwerke um zwischen Planeten zureisen. Normal Atmo und Space Engines reichen dafür aus.
  3. I really get where you're coming from, as I'm more or less also at that stage. I'm playing solo at the moment which means I have to do anything by myself and it really is complicated, complex and convuluted at times. But at the same time I think for any organisation or indiviual making money solely by being specialized in this specific sector in the future it kinda needs to be more complex. What I struggle with more is the non visualized way it is implemented at the moment, with the links between machines and containers. Coming from factorio and satisfactory I like t
  4. I think this is really a must-have. Even if it's just "Server is Online" and "Server is Offline".
  5. While playing a bit with my industry I noticed that one could be confused by the meaning of "Make" and "Maintain" While the actual functionality is pretty obvious, the meaning of the input differs between them. As an example: When I tell my Electronics Industry to keep a level of 350 on my Basic Components, it will stop as soon as the item count is above 350. But when I tell it to make 350 it will not create 350 basic components but instead will run 350 times which in turn create 3500 basic components. So my idea would be to either rename the "Make"
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