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RolePlaying, My hopes and Dreams from this game.


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Agree, within curent Lore there are some posibilities for Roleplay but in the end they all have the Arc in comon, what ones past is before the arc or past it can be filled in. For my character i do have a background and a lore, i even added my whole organization in it and some more. Posted it on outlook Zebra and with that i see it as part of my DU roleplay. Nothing fancy but a way to be in the game, a good gamer always keeps game and real life split with priority on life but it is the most easy way to keep real life issues away from any game.


Aaron Cain, squadron leader of Adventure Squad One, picked leader of Tranquility until better arrives, addict of Coffee, Brother of Skylynx and due to overextended cryosleep chaotic in mind and forgetfull, sleeping bad due to war traumas and frequent flashbacks. Kind soul, vengeful if provoked or loved ones are harmed. Proud member of BMC who saved my ass when no-one else would even botter to dig my cryotube out of the dirt.


Anyone can be whoever they want to be in DU.


Live life, Die another day  

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