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Dual Access Coupons (DAC) as Payment for Development

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Real world money isn't actually real. It's typed into existence and we the workers pay the banks back in the form of interest and tax. It's all just ones and zeros being shuffled around.

Imagine being entitled to being paid for playing a game lol 🙄😂😂

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On 9/10/2016 at 8:13 AM, Lethys said:

Well.....And where's the problem? So not all of us are going to play 24/7? Wow big deal, devs can't do shut about it. If someone has no life/work/wife/whatever and plays DU OF CoURSE HE will have an advantage.


So someone can script better. Or build better. Or is smarter. Well that's life, isn't it? Just like in RL there will be trolls, ppl who can do stuff better and ppl who just don't care. Just like in rl those ppl will.get away with it, earn more money and be better than you. I don't see a problem


This is it exactly. This guy thinks he is entitled to be paid for playing a game lol. It's a leisure activity. You don't get paid for leisure activities. If we did then I should be a trillionaire by now for my 29 years (and counting) playing games.

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