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A little bit about myself...

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Hi everyone !


I'm Julian, a French web developer and sysadmin. I love Sci-Fi, Minecraft, spaceships and poneys and that's why I'm there. I've seen a lot of games like Dual Universe by the past but I think this one is the good one. I'm really excited about it and hope it will be released soon, I can't wait to play it.


Good luck to the brilliant developers team !

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Hi Julian!


Welcome and thanks for supporting us! 

Sadly, there won't be any poney in Dual Universe.

But for the other thematics, you should be in known territory! ;)

Come on, you can't do that to us! You know that sooner or later we'll be asking for the pony anyway! Ponies should be present in Dual Universe. Or at least some sort of cross-breed extra-terrestrial lifeform that looks like one! ;)

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