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  1. I really enjoy when the community is giving ideas about a lot of things but as Nyzaltar said the development team has to concentrate on more important things. But if you decide to add pets, don't forget about ponies.
  2. Julian


    What an exciting idea, can't wait to test it in game !
  3. I hope we will be able to test Dual soon, it will be very difficult to wait one or two years more ! Are you going to release some web apps related to Dual Universe ? It should be interesting to start playing the game without it... If it makes sense
  4. Thank you everyone ! My new life goal is to build a full metal pony in Dual Universe now
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm Julian, a French web developer and sysadmin. I love Sci-Fi, Minecraft, spaceships and poneys and that's why I'm there. I've seen a lot of games like Dual Universe by the past but I think this one is the good one. I'm really excited about it and hope it will be released soon, I can't wait to play it. Good luck to the brilliant developers team !
  6. Good luck, I hope to see this game released soon. If you want help regarding web development, system/network administration or whatever, do not hesitate to send me a message
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