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Hey @NQ...can we have more info about PvE?


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I don't know what information you're seeking specifically...you might have better luck asking as a follow up to this thread: 

But don't hold your breath. 


There's zero chance they will open it on the PTS -- that itself should be telling about how little it will really matter. I wouldn't bother with the PTS when there's so few players either. 

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Its pretty important to talk about the element changes. Some of which sound like they are going to be pretty drastic. Like a complete meta change.  So what works today wont work tomorrow. And you might think, thats ok. everyone will be hit equally. But we know those larger groups have some people testing out the PVE for NQ. which means they will have the knowledge and have the ships ready for when it goes live. 


So a list of every element change that is planned would be nice.  Even knowing that the list is tentative and may change. 

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