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planning new Community event: Voxelbending JAM

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Greetings fellow Noveans,


im planning to offer a space, some cores for the public to build on and some free voxel material for a relaxed building jam-session.

All skill levels are welcome to join. If there is enough people interested i can imagine doing this in a bi-weekly or monthly schedule on Sundays between 16 and 19 UTC.

Starting this Sunday, may/7th


(Open to other timeframe suggestions, but i hope that time might be ok to give a wide range of time-zones the chance of participating)


First jam-session will be without a specific theme, just some free building and modeling.

(If you are interested in themed jams like for example: columns and pillars that might also be discussable)


So if you are interested in hanging around with some relaxed people and sharing some creative ideas, this might be a good chance :)


Everybody is welcome, this is a (mostly) nice community here and we got really strong tools for creating awesome designs in voxels, so let us share some creativity and inspire each other on creating even more insane structures on this vast playground.


Contact me in discord if you like: B0neshredder#9341


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18 hours ago, B0neshredder said:

First Voxel-Jam is over, had one visitor.


Ill try it again next Sunday May/14, same time same place.


Hope to see you there then :)



Best of luck!


Applaud your optimism, but there's less less traffic across-the-board nowadays as the game's player base has unfortunately bottomed-out....so it's really hard to organize an event in general. 

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along the line of @blundertwink  we almost had the first time with no posts in general in a 48 hours time span last week :(

Maybe you can scavenge more people in discord or if you post location info sooner



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Posted (edited)

well i was sure i could have come up with that a bit late before weekend :)


but between all that doomsday talk of not many people playing i have seen lots of new names in the past few days.

i refuse to just let it go without trying anything that is in our hands to gather more people interested in what this game is best at.

i still think that this game is far from dead as long as there are some twitching legs and arms, so we need to fill that world with life and things to do to attract more people and keep them in game. sure lots of people think there is lack of content because they were maybe expecting something else then mainly a building game, so its even more important to show that you can  have a hell lot of fun with what we got in here so far. its still a sandbox and its up to us to use the given tools to fill it with life and make it worth staying here with lots of nice and relaxed people.


and to be honest: even with those "limited" options we got (at least lots of people are complaining about being limited), most of the server population hasnt even tried to push the limits as far as possible. just think out of the box and you will find tons of things to do.


good idea to also make a post on discord, for sure ill try that.


next jam will be dedicated to fences and other garden/entrance decorations. still open to suggestions what else to do.

i will also set up another voxel-jam animated screen so that anybody participating can collect one as some kind of badge.

(Gearss liked the first one i made and he was the one that made me have that badge idea...thx again Gearss)

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I wanted to go this weekend, but didn't log in at the right time.  I will try again to attend this weekend.  Looking forward to it!  Don't stop.



I also have a need to 'fix' some jagged edges to make them more smooth.

Having an issue making diagonal-slanted voxels.

Would like to do the curved fairings like on the cool ships.

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oh yeah diagonal slants can be tricky, but nothing is impossible and im sure we will see/make some on the next jam. If some experienced people join there im like 100% sure we can fiddle out a solution for your and maybe some other problems :)


PS: I will not stop that till my last breath or till the game shuts down. XD

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Last weekends voxeljam was a real success....i had 5 visitors, so including myself thats 6 compared to 2 in the first week.

Thats like 200% increase in participants which i hope to get motivated for the next weekend :)


As far as i can tell now the next jam will be next sunday (21/05), same time, same place. We will keep doing that every week as long as people are coming over.

Hope to see you there in the next few weeks.

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26 minutes ago, B0neshredder said:

i had 5 visitors, so including myself thats 6 compared to 2 in the first week.


Well there was 59 players active on Steam during peak Sunday, so your event attracted about 10% of the peak online steam playerbase!


Just a couple months ago the peak counts were closer to ~150, so...relative to how many people are still playing the game, your event actually attracted a fair number! :D 

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