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EAC blocks DU running in VM


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Subject: EAC blocks running in VM

Current Version Number: 1.3.0 PTS

Impact: Game breaking

Summary: Starting DU in a Linux qemu-kvm VM with Windows as guest gets blocked by EAC

Description: As a Linux user I rely on a  Windows VM with a PCI-passthrough GFX card to run Windows games such as DU. This has been working with the old anti-cheat solution but EAC in the current configuration blocks this and does not let me start DU. As far as I know this is a policy that can be disabled in EAC by NQ. I hope this will be considered, otherwise I will not be able to play DU anymore.

Reproduction: Starting the game in any VM guest should trigger this.

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2 hours ago, NQ-Deckard said:

I'll have to take a look into this further.

Thank you for the report!

EAC does this by default, I can tell you how it knows your in a VM if you would like me to reach out in some way. I've had to get around this before in other games. 

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3 hours ago, Shadow said:

Not directly related, but are you using QubesOS ?

If yes, I may be interested by your setup. I've been looking to do this for a long time now.

Nothing that interesting. Just an Arch install with libvirt managing the VM and using Looking Glass to get video into my host system.

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I would also add that EAC essentially prevents you from running any other game that uses EAC at the same time. A couple of examples are Black Desert Online and New World. So, no more running another game using EAC in the background, or to have something to do while slow-boating long distances, running missions, etc. 


Not a fan of this change.

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On 3/18/2023 at 9:12 PM, Tandin said:

Did this ever get resolved?  I'm getting the error in my VM (Arch/libvirt/qemu) after coming back to the game after a couple months.


The last post about it was about a month ago here: 


Their patch on 3/14 mentions it: 


We are aware of and still investigating ongoing issues with EasyAntiCheat, causing some players to get an error popup when switching between accounts. This can mostly be avoided by entirely closing down the client between login attempts.


But there's no notes about it being a known issue in the 3/20 patch (1.3.5). So hey, maybe they fixed it Monday and you'll have better luck...lol


Don't hold your breath about them caring about your use case in general -- there's so few players, I don't think they much care if EAC causes issues with edge-case setups as it's still only ~1.2% of gamers that use Linux overall (per Steam's hardware survey)


Development in general is slower than its ever been with NQ focusing on other game projects, so I wouldn't expect much in terms of a fix. 

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