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Please turn ON the "Idea Box" to players to post their suggestions!


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If you want good feedback to make this game work DO NOT disable new suggestions ("Idea Box" forum). Or to allow a giving of more clarity to existing mechanism would be smartly encouraged. If something is not a bug or is not working fluidly, then where does a person post this suggestion if it is that?
If the Idea Box is disabled than in essence the devs are basically saying to the players we do not care about your suggestion STAY FRUSTRATED BUT pay us money for it! This is very insulting to a new player. Please open this forum up to suggestions that are constructive and thought out and procedural/methodical. Thank you.

"Off Topic" posts are more encouraged by these forums then actually making this game better. Imagine that!


2023-01-06 10_39_58-Idea Box - Dual Universe Forum.png

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I support, such a section is needed. But it is also necessary to involve as many players as possible in the discussion, otherwise it seems that your offer is needed only by you.  And the developers won't do anything just for you.  Obviously, there is a big problem with online right now.

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On 5/10/2023 at 12:13 PM, ArcaneTechSgt said:

The Help chat came up with a good suggestion, but as a 'new' poster,  can not place it in 'New Ideas'.


How many posts?, reads?, game time? must happen before I can post ideas?



I think you misunderstand DU's state of development....the developer NQ is working on three other projects right now.


While DU might be their only published work, it isn't their top priority.


They don't want player suggestions because even if they had the time to read them, they simply don't have the resources to act on them.


Why would NQ give DU more resources when it has struggled so bad to achieve any commercial success? We're talking about a sub game with DAUs in the hundreds...so yeah, the ship has sailed for player suggestions a long, long time ago (not that they did a great job listening back when it mattered either). 

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