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With Dual Universe about to launch, we would like to celebrate the end of beta with all of you!


Whether you are interested in building, fighting, or just having fun, read on for details of two upcoming NQ in-game events.






Calling all builders! We’re organizing a building contest. From Tuesday 6th of September at 14:00 UTC to Thursday 22nd of September at 14:00 UTC, all Noveans are invited to bring their creativity and building skills to the forefront! Dispensers with elements and honeycomb will be available at a site near the Exchange.


The goal of the contest is simple: if your build meets our specifications, the best speeders and outposts could be featured in a future iteration of the FTUE!


To be selected, constructs must be either a Speeder or an Outpost.


Construct Specifications:


Speeder Requirements: constructs must feature ALL of the elements below

  • XS Core Unit

  • 1x Hovercraft seat controller

  • 3x Basic Atmo Engines XS (2 pointing backward, 1 pointing forward)

  • 1-2x Basic Hover Engine S

  • 1-2x Stabilizers (placed vertically)

  • 1x Atmospheric Fuel Tank XS

  • 1-3x Headlights

  • 1-8x light sources (including Headlights)

  • Adjustors XS only

  • Atmospheric Airbrakes S only

  • Tier 1 Honeycomb materials only (+ luminescent)

  • Players are encouraged to add details through the use of elements, but should not get above the count of 60 elements.

  • Must be able to be compacted


Outpost Requirements: constructs must feature ALL of the elements below

  • Small core unit

  • 1x mining unit small

  • 2-3x elevators

  • Elevator screen

  • entrance door

  • 1x VR station

  • 1x Container S +2x container XS + 1x container hub

  • 1x resurrection pod

  • Personal objective screen

  • 1x Parcel Container xs

  • Logic Elements

  • Basic xs/s ship parts bundle

  • Floor above the ground (raised foundation, stilts)

  • 400-700 m3 tier 1 (max 10 m3 of luminescent) tier 2 material accents tolerated.

  • 150-300x total element count

  • Total commercial value can’t exceed 1,200,000 h


All required elements will be available in the dispensers near the Exchange, for free, along with honeycomb.


To be eligible for potential adding to the FTUE, it is important that your construct remains in the scope and context of our starter constructs. Such as only tier one materials and things that you would normally find in a starter construct like a starter speeder or a starter outpost.


We’ll have information soon with more details on the submitting process for your constructs!




Come and join the battle! NQ is organizing a large PvP event to celebrate the end of beta. We will provide unlimited ammunition through dispensers for all able Noveans to pew pew!


These dispensers will only be available from Friday 16th of September at 14:00 UTC to Monday 19th of September at 14:00 UTC. The exact location of the dispensers will be released soon. We invite everyone to join the fun. If you’re looking for the fight of your life, don’t miss this call!




If you have any questions about these events, please reach out to NQ-Nyota on Discord or the forum discussion thread.


Stay tuned for other NQ surprises in the last month before launch. Our community is also all abuzz with events to mark the end of beta, so you can look out for more communications from us on these player-events!


Whether you want to brighten Helios with new constructs, or just set everything ablaze in an epic battle, we’re eager to see it all!

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