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Ask Aphelia #13 Reset Questions Edition and Additional FAQ


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Welcome to Ask Aphelia episode lucky #13, a Novaquark Q&A where we answer your gameplay questions about Dual Universe!  


This week is a special edition as we answer your questions about the recent reset announcement. You sent in your questions, and here are some answers!


To watch and/or listen to Ask Aphelia #13 please click here

In addition, due to the numbers of questions we have received (thanks everyone!), we have also created an additional FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions), which you will find below. 

If you have any follow-up questions on what has been discussed in this episode, we ask that you please use this form


You can share your feedback about Ask Aphelia Q&A #13 and the FAQ in this forum thread. Thank you! :)




Q:  As you are resetting the game progress, does this mean Dual Universe will be released at the same time?

A: The reset will be done very close to the official release of Dual Universe. A few days before official release, the Live server will enter maintenance mode, and during that time, the reset will be done.


Q: How do I add game time to my account if it is not working with Xsolla?
A: We are aware of the issue regarding the cumulation of game time when going through Xsolla. We are currently working on the issue. As a workaround for the time being, you can purchase game time codes from our official partner Markee Dragon.


Q: Will there be an Early Access or a Head Start session for those who have paid to play so far?

A: There will not be an early access or head start, everyone will start at the same time. We want to keep it as fair as possible with new players.All players will start on the first day, after the maintenance for the official release.


Q: Will we be able to choose between Haven and Sanctuary in the new FTUE?

A: At launch, everyone will start on Haven during the FTUE. However, players who have an additional Sanctuary Territory Unit as a reward from a Supporter Pack they pledged, will be able to settle themselves on the Sanctuary moon.


Q: What exactly do we get to keep with the reset?

A: While the server is going to be reset, there are several things that will remain with you. For the entire list, please read all about it here.


Q: Will it be the last reset?

A: One reason for the reset is linked to the release of the game, and that's a one-time event. Do we plan to do another reset in the future? Absolutely not. We've done everything we can think of to make sure that this will be the last reset. We have continuously worked to fix the issues that generated the reasons for this reset and this is the last planned reset for Dual Universe.


Q: Will we get to keep territory scans? Also, even if we don't get to keep scans, will the same tiles have the same resource levels after the wipe or will it all be reset and randomized?

A: No, ore will be redistributed across planets after the reset, and your scans will be removed in the reset.


Q: You said you're Resetting Sanctuary constructs too. Does that mean Gold Backers will reset and do the new FTUE, and receive the new Starter Constructs & Speeder?

A: Yes, everyone will do the new FTUE and everybody will have an outpost and a Speeder of their choice on Haven. It will be possible to claim a tile on the Sanctuary moon only if you have a Sanctuary Territory Unit from a Supporter pack (at least for the time being). 


Q: Will there still be Daily Login Rewards after release? 

A: Yes, for the time being we plan to keep the Daily Login rewards, but we reserve the right to adjust those daily rewards for in-game economy balance, if we deem it necessary in the future.


Q: Will players who are banned by using exploits have their bans lifted?

A: If the account was given a permanent ban, it will remain banned. If it was temporary, it would end at the date it was scheduled to end.


Q: When you say "You’ll also keep your Core Blueprints after reset" do you mean those core BPs that we are named as Creator in the BP, or all core BPs we have in our Nanopacks or personal constructs, irrespective of who the Creator is?
A: The creator of the blueprint is irrelevant to keeping it, if a core blueprint is in your nanopack or a container you own, you keep it. The creator of the core blueprint is not relevant and not considered in the keeping system. 


Q: Will we get the magic blueprints we were promised at the start of Beta to replace our constructs after launch?

A: Magic blueprints generate elements in the game out of the blue, they are not crafted from resources produced within the game. When in small quantities, MBPs are acceptable, but in large amounts, as it would be at launch, it would jeopardize the starting economy. And thus we won’t be giving out magic blueprints.


Q: Will there be any bots that sell elements after the reset?
A: Yes, because with the current data we have, selling ores to the bot is one of the most used ways to earn quanta in the early game and removing that option would slow all of you down. Same for buying from Aphelia, it'll help you start quicker as you will need to recreate industries at release.


Q: Will the memberlist of each organization be wiped?

A: Yes. While only organizations without a player in the superlegate positions will be deleted, only the superlegate will remain in each organization. It will be up to the superlegate to re-invite all their members.


Q: Are the Pioneer Pack Talent Points and quanta paid out at the start of the month?
A: The pack rewards will be available at the end of each month (for the first 6 months), so that all players, new and old, start at the same pace. 

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