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  1. Optimistic! It might be right if all players share what they scanned so far each with other. otherwise it always 260K tiles for each of us less already taken tiles included Aphelia tiles.
  2. Wasn't that old reward from alpha to beta version of game also that link is 2018...i'm getting so confused!!! I just remember this 3d about backers rewards
  3. I believe that the solution taken is more than reasonable. I hope there are no further second thoughts or changes of direction in this regard.
  4. "When we released schematics in 0.23, it was to address a problem that had the potential to adversely affect Dual Universe as an MMO. Players were able to be fully self-sufficient with ‘build-it-all’ factories, reducing interaction between players in the game’s economy." I agree 100% with this statement, at the same time I feel I have to suggest that to solve that problem it was enough to modify a few elements: cost and time and the number of sub-components necessary for the assembly of the final product. It was simply enough to be inspired by the industrial model of EvE online, perhaps only partially since in DU it does not exist as a final product from the industry and therefore from the schematic complete and finished spaceships. However I like this change .... now more important is making a change to the mineral resource system, even just making them make their spawn randomly would have a very positive impact on the game's long-sightedness. No less important could be the inclusion of pve missions, just to encourage the fighting aspect in the game.
  5. Apparently the game's release may be near, I'm tired of talking about the wipe. So now I wonder how and when they intend to relaunch this game since in the countries where I fuse to live (Italy-Japan) there is no talk of it anywhere and the latest substantial news dates back to 2017?
  6. Your point of view might be right ,but first of all i'm not so confident in the altruistic nature of perfect strangers: if you do something you do it for your own gain not for the desire to be the good Samaritan. and above all what you suggest is to leave everything as it is so there is no solution whatsoever in the short or long term. At this point I ask you what need is there to formalize the release of the game? And why start this title that has now reached such a level where many have already developed everything, you can already find everything you need around, and why should I sponsor this title in my community of players? moving in here en masse when that minimum of competition you can draw from this game it's over? Honestly, as a new player who wants to play a similar game, I am not interested in what others have done and in finding the food ready, I am interested in what I can do with my friends. After all, the game is all here, if you remove this aspect too, there is really nothing left.
  7. All that you wrote is very true. But you missed something: when the game is officially released that day it will not be the starting line for all present and future players that we hope this title will be able to count, some will start immediately others after days others after months, which is why what worries you now will be cause for just complaints in the future. at this precise moment I'm sure there will be players who have the exact coordinates of the lots, in the various planets, more profitable in terms of resources and if you think about it, they won't even need to scan the terrain because the resources are static in the planets and more and more limited the more they go up in tier. if a periodic reshuffling of the same with random spawn does not take place it is evident that whoever arrives first and knows the coordinates takes everything, and you can safely say that it is the end of the game. At the current state of the game, a full or partial wipe solves only 20% of the problem and postpones the remaining 80% to the near future.
  8. There are so many ways to approach this wipe issue. total or partial wipe. And it already looks like a decision has been made. the wipe is partial, as I had imagined and written in other 3Ds they will leave the Core BPs which at this point in my opinion could be extended to all the BPs as it would eliminate the possible controversy of those who have played this title for years and never wanted create nothing of his own, but he always bought ships and buildings from others. After all, the advantage of keeping the BPs is quite relative in a world that starts from 0 before being able to use them again will pass a lot of water under the bridges, without considering that part of them will be useless according to the criteria dictated by the latest changes therefore : Why not extend them to all BPs? (it seems as if the game of those who have spent their time creating and designing things is worth more than those who have dedicated themselves to something else). At this point, since the partial wipe path has been decided, it is possible to extend it to other aspects of the game: such as credits and talents. Let's say that it might be an idea to keep a limit for each of them beyond which it is not possible to receive a release of the game. (Example credits: maximum 10M of quanta, Example talents: maximum 5M.) Personally I am opposed to certain compromises, since the partiality of things does not satisfy anyone. Those who expect to play a new game and those who expect to continue their game started years ago. But of all this personally I am not interested, for me they can choose the way they think is more right, what will influence my decision to play this title or not is the longevity vision of the game itself. in other words, if the system of resources remains static and limited with infinite waste of time in its vain search, for me the game is already over before even starting. In such case i will wait for SH to sell DU's code parts to other SH who will make it a more balanced game (hopefully) or else wait for some other game to come out. What really surprises me is this silly dispute between wipe yes and wipe no of some players (I will only play if I can continue to have what I have accumulated so far, I do not play if they do not reset everything) as if all this had a real value apart from the time spent. A mmorpg that has no users that is not attractive but is not played for any reason whatsoever and that has a limited vision of its future projected by the cyclical nature of its users will never take off. And it will be of little use to have kept your assets in the game if you are the only few to play it. Think about it a bit.
  9. 80% of players who left New World it's just because New World it's not either a game, just nothing as Atlas, same for Lost Ark who is just boring and this last every day lose players, ppl who keep playing such games just because there is anything else around. Coz covid and many other reasons lot of games have been postponed. After 5 years of beta, DU need to make new marketing plans, and they cannot announce a release of a new game where players shall build everything a new society etc. if inside there are already players who did everything got everything took everything. This is already a good reason for them for a full wipe. As long as this game will keep be a Beta no one talk about DU, no magazine, no internet press etc. they did long time ago.
  10. I wouldn't even express myself on the question wipe yes, wipe no and its possible modalities since when you switch from a trial version, even if for a fee (where surely in some paragraph on the conditions of use, EULA etc. it will be written that the producers reserve the right to proceed with the partial or total cancellation, as well as the interruption of the service in without notice or something similar) to a definitive version of the game the wipe is a must. who does not know these things or pretends not to know them, I wonder if all this time he has ever played an MMO in his life or has been a monk in some remote convent in the mountains. Having said that, there remains the problem of the dislocation of resources as a primary factor in the future development of the game, in the sense that if everything is simply reset, but the game does not make any changes, whoever owns the fruitful locations will rush back to take them, with or without the aid of territoty scanners. and therefore the current situation of poor playability for future new players will be repeated again and in the very first months of the game. Even changing the locations of the resources and then leaving them static in the modalities seen up to now, not changing much, will perhaps generate different masters of the game economy. a periodic dynamic spawn would solve the question, there are several applicable methods. Or, what by the way is not new, at least for me, this current version of the beta is just an old version of the game that will be in release, updated with the minimum necessary since there are paying players to whom, however, we must also give something. from time to time, but the official version could reserve major structural changes. We will see. But both in one case and in another the wipe is and remains a must. Every time it is always the same story, whoever has to lose threatens the abandonment of him, his relatives up to the fifth degree of friends, and of friends of friends, only to see them again and again playing in any condition SH will offer them .. ..because a game is chosen and you continue to play it not because there will be a wipe or not, but because you like and interest everything else is chatter. My preference Full wipe with maximum BPs saved.
  11. Maybe i wasn't able to explain my thought. Wipe will not fix any problem of those i listed noe either other problems i did not listed... so for such reason if nothing change i agree with you, it might be just a useless action. Wipe it's just a temporary patch as the new moon with a view to attracting and making as many new players as possible to play for as long as possible. Change what i listed and then wipe sounds enough good for a new start, but they also need to do good advertisement and marketing again fix problem of low fps and i don't know now what else. mmo with no players will not last so long.
  12. you don't have to read what i write nor either answer just for defend your own interest. Just say you don't agree and you will seem more brilliant than that you show. Meantime...someone might not agree with wipe for these reasons: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/💰selling-dual-universe-quanta-currency-fast-and-cheap.2184813/
  13. I'll explain it for the last time. I am in favor of the wipe, not because I think it is a solution to the problems that we all know well (I don't know the problems of pvp, it takes a lot of talents and a lot of time to be able to look at this aspect of the game). I am in favor of the wipe for a simple matter of fair-play: regardless of what some players, even rightly, have gained in all this time of exaggerated extension of the beta version, as the word itself says it is a test version and data collection, implementations, continuous adjustments and so on and so forth. So as SH that launches a product that claims to be in the final version (even if this does not mean that there will be no more changes in the future) you cannot afford to leave unchanged situations matured by players who have been able to exploit unbalanced situations, maybe deliberately proposed, both for evaluation and feasibility tests, and to speed up the achievement of contents that would normally require years of play. I'll give a small example (the ships built that travel at least in pve areas are industructible, you repair them as many times as you want ... will it be like this even in release?) Before the underground mining system that they moved with the advent of asteroids you had under the house. Do you understand that this was a huge advantage as long as it lasted between the asteroids have a static respawn, will it be so even in release?) For so many reasons that have nothing to do directly with the criticisms of this game as a software house you can't afford to leave things unchanged. And these are for me the type of reasons that push me to be in favor of wipe. For the rest I could agree with you (wipe is useless because it does not bring any definitive solution and it is unthinkable to continue wipe after the official release of the game). here are what I think are the criticisms of the game, absolute consideration from the market forecasts on the expectations of how many players in release will subscribe to this game but being a mmorpg the architecture should be designed in such a way as to accommodate a massive amount of players who they share the same game online. otherwise we are talking about a single player game with cooperative mode (maybe): 1) Economic system not compatible with a possible growing number of players who start this game, first come, best stay concept only works for veteran players. By deduction it is not a game that aims at large numbers and at a community that is constantly renewed.The same concept of exclusive ownership of limited territories can only work in case of marginal influence in the dynamics of the game which could be a system of housing but, it does not work when the bases of the whole economy of an mmo game depend on it. 2) Quite exclusive and questionable game mechanics, such as: The concept of being able to give shape to many things by giving great freedom to the players, however, for those who face these dynamics for the first time inevitably remains displaced, confused and frustrated. To then lead again into the more complex part which is the LUA programming of the elements. All very nice but, only for a few players. Not that there aren't any games with editors out there (the Sims in its various versions is the most simplified system of editor of the environment, with this I don't say that DU should be trivial like The Sims, but not that complex either. , if they point to the numbers of players). all this then inevitably clashes with the concept of balance in pvp, or with the concept of uselessness applied to the dynamics of the game. Example (how much does the use of Honeycomb count and how does it count? There are many stats related to materials but currently in the game dynamics only the mass of a material counts. So what is the use of all this? Only for hedonism? And if tomorrow became functional as you would expect, how do you balance a pvp with the current resource system? 3) Blueprint functionality and copyright concept. It's not a major problem, but it creates confusing interpretations. The current game dynamics allow the deployment of a construct only if a Blueprint exists behind it, with the option of confidentiality of the creator's copyright. To date I wonder why to buy a building I must also pay for the blueprint that allows me only one use? And if for any reason I want or have to buy the same construct several times, paying the same BP 2 times or more times seems like a scam. Without considering that the current system greatly favors the scam. Until I deploy a construction I don't know what will come out, I only have a list of elements and materials used, but it could easily come out a column of elements and a stack of honeycombs and maybe a monitor that says "and now have fun" I'm not asking much but at least a preview of what I'm buying. 4) improper use of LUA scripts, I recently discovered that the drastic drop in FPS often finds its origin in the dearth of mine, but above all in the massive use of scripts that are around. It might not be the only reason, but it certainly is a major cause. 5) lack of content and those few that exist are often deadly boring such as: Missions, scanning of the resources present in the territories, gathering surface resources.
  14. You might be right there. But increasingly SHs make people pay for incomplete, seriously bugged games, projects that will never come to light as final versions. See Atlas (for example or DAOC unchained and again Scam citizen, where they recently came out with the sale of the spaceship set for the modest sum of 40,000 dollars. So i'm not that surprised to see a paid beta version.
  15. If you go back to 2nd page i wrote why wipe is not a solution but anyway it's a must. First of all this is a beta, so before an official release a wipe is necessary, for all those new players and also those players who subscribed the game then quit only because as beta version they were expecting a final reset, as it has always happened for every game. Meanwhile if developer's team will recognize there is a big gap in design of game and they will start to work to change it before game will be released, we might find a solution to present and future issues. Now they applied another temporary solution: a new moon but, but more than a solution it's just a patch. The real problem are resources system who is the main core of economy and industry of this game. As long resources are limited to few and specific tiles who first arrive will take everything and even if a day such players will quit they will pass such tiles to their friends or members of their organization. So they must change this system as priority for a longevity of the game. I played EvE as well for long time, it currently just a game for pro players who lives in real by the real money they do by isk, SP and much more selling....So really it's not the best game you should compare with. If you want to talk about best business mmo you should talk about WoW, personally i never liked it, but anyway it's easy, and allow new players to join with no many restrictions. Anyway you can talk with me about all big games you want as i most probably played each of them.... i started to play mmo since Daoc... so really long experience.
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