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Chat rules & restrictions.


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With the upcoming launch the general chat in game is going to be flooded with gold sellers, account sellers and general spammers. Please don't say sub fee prevents this because as know from plenty of other games it does not.


My suggestion is to make some changes before launch while we have time to test it.

I believe the ability to use general chat should be based on character age. For example you need to have existed for a week before you can use it. While not perfect it's a lot easier to manage the crazy amount of spam.


Org promos like "join my org x" and adverts like "join my twitch/youtube channel" should be completely against the rules with bans being handed out for doing it.. We don't need the global chat spammed. 


While the entire chat interface needs to be overhauled I believe a few simple rule changes and a few extra channels such as anyone on your planet/within x distance (long range shout) will go a long way to helping the transition to launch. 

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I am not very supportive of having a character age restriction on chat privileges since it could be a major hinderance to innocent players trying to connect with one another. You do raise a good point however that the present global chat may need some additional restrictions. Maybe we could try getting by with simple rate limiting and then just encouraging players to report spammers?


As to consolidating the rules, I think the current code of conduct already does a fairly good job. Perhaps just add a link to the exploiting/cheating support article for point #13 so players are better informed of the details for that topic. To increase it's overall visibility, just add a button on the game's launcher or main login screen that either displays the code of conduct or links players to it.

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