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Make it impossible to lock players/ copy current co-ordinates when in pvp space unless you are piloting a ship with a radar


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or something similar eg. vr players cannot be locked by friends / copy co-ordinates.


The reason this being is, right now you can only go to PvP zones with people you absolutely trust, as it only takes one person to copy your co-ordinates and a whole fleet of ships can arrive onto your location in minutes, which makes it impossible to have things like large-scale asteroid mining operations without somebody inevitably spilling the beans and leaking your position to everyone.


my suggestion is to make it impossible for friends to lock on to your location, or to copy your co-ordinates in a PvP zone unless you are piloting a ship with a space radar (deployable xs constructs don't count either of course)


I'm no master gamedev like the NQ team here but I'm quite sure its a pretty quick fix, and would really help making large scale mining operations less risky.



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PVP lives from the challenge. What you try to do, Shaman, is to cripple one important element of PVP. If there is a spy within your PVP group, it is part of the gameplay, the gam experience.

Also, friends cannot copy get and copy your coordinates again, how can they organize to come and help you? Sometimes, more than one pilot might be needed to come, especially during battles.


Copying and exchanging coordinates of hotspots and/or friends is mandatory.

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If you have a spy amongst your asteroid-mining group, you wont slow them down much by stopping someone else from locking them, they could quite easily just tell the people they are feeding info to what rock you are at, and let them dsat it down, or how far they are from 4 planets so that it can be easily triangulated. Also, people both fly things larger than XS with radar all the time, and can fit cores larger than XS along with a radar and chair in their pack.


If you have a spy issue, then you need to run operations in a way that lets you figure them out. Also, don't forget that pirates don't need the rock's exact position, if they can see that it was just discovered then they can opt to track it down themselves the same way you did before the whole universe gets its gps.

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