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The Dual Universe Demeter update is fast-approaching. In addition to the geometry reset and the introduction of mining units, Territory Upkeep will also be part of the package. 


Territory upkeep presents two benefits from a design standpoint: it should help prevent infinite land grabbing by introducing a constant financial constraint to massive land owners as well as provide a resource sink to help keep the economy in check. 


We looked at different options to bring some form of balance in the control of territories. For example, the current setup for organizations, that allows infinite nested organizations, ruled out a progressive tax system, as nested organizations with one territory each can be created to only benefit from the lowest tax level. 


For now, the cost of claiming a territory will be at a fixed price of 500,000 quanta. After the Demeter deployment, the territory will be free from taxes for three days, which is the equivalent of having a tax break for the first week. 




Accessing the Territory interface through the Wallet menu will show you a list of your territories and their stored funds. Here is where you will add quanta to the balance for any of your territories. Taxes will automatically be withdrawn from this balance at a rate of 1,000,000 quanta per week. Each territory can hold up to 13 weeks of quanta.


Territories with unpaid taxes will go offline. Once funds have been added, you will be able to activate the territory once again and it will come back online, allowing mining and industry processes to be restarted. If the territory was online before the tax was successfully withdrawn, industry and mining will simply continue to run.


In the event that the territory successfully pays its tax, and the balance is reduced below the point that the next taxation cycle will have insufficient funds, a notification will be sent to the owner or the legates of the organization that owns the territory.


If the territory does not have enough quanta to cover the week, the territory will go offline and cease all mining and industry operations and a reminder notification will be sent to the territory owner or legates of the organization that owns the territory. During this period, the affected territory will not contribute to the adjacency bonus of the mining units.


If a territory remains offline for two consecutive tax cycles (two weeks in total), the ownership to the territory is lost and it becomes abandoned, unless that territory is flagged as a headquarters from the territory interface.

Each player will be able to assign five territories as their headquarters. These territories do not lose ownership when offline and remain in the players' ownership even if taxes are unpaid for longer than the two week grace period. This feature is only available to player-owned, not organization-owned, territories. We will monitor how this develops; in the future, these territories may be subject to the loss of their headquarters state if the account in question is unsubscribed; however this will not be the case in Demeter. 

To allow for the transfer of territory ownership to another player or organization, a territory can now be tokenized. By simply right-clicking on the territory unit, a token can be generated similar to the way constructs can be tokenized. Once tokenized, the territory will be frozen, preventing the deployment of new static constructs and terraforming operations. Mining and industry units placed on the territory will continue working as intended so long as the upkeep taxes are paid. 




The token itself will contain information about the territory and the static constructs deployed on it. Although it can be used to take ownership of that territory, this does not grant ownership of the static constructs on it. The quanta balance of that territory will transfer with the territory to the new owner.




If the token expires, it disappears and the territory will be unfrozen and remain in the token creator's ownership.

While territories can be lost by remaining offline due to unpaid taxes or they can be traded to other entities, static constructs may still be present on those territories.


The new owner of a territory can requisition any static construct present on his territory. Requisitioning will start a two-week window where the new territory owner must allow access to the static construct for the former owner and where the former owner of the static construct is able to remove that static construct by dismantling and removing it from the territory. If the static construct is still present after two weeks, its ownership will automatically be transferred to the new owner of the territory. Constructs on abandoned territories that haven’t been claimed by a new owner can’t be requisitioned though. 

We understand that players will need some time to adjust to the new Territory Upkeep system. In order to allow time to prepare, the first tax payments will be subtracted from the territories two weeks after the Demeter release date. Once the update is live, we will announce the exact date and time the first tax cycle will begin. 


As with most new systems, many things are subject to change, including UI, naming conventions, tax rates, etc. Your feedback has already made a difference as the system was being developed, and we’ll continue to look at our players’ input to see what further adjustments need to be made. Share your thoughts in this forum thread

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