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Ship with fabrication / industry onboard - is this possible?


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30 minutes ago, realMod said:

I haven't tried it yet:


Can industry elements be placed into a dynamic core?


So one could build a ship with ore refining functionality?

That’s a no go. This discussion was done at fair length way back on the Alpha days. Industry will always remain restricted to Static / Space core bases.

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NQ decided that Industry had to be limited to static cores only as it woudl be "something to fight over" (their actual, literal reason).


In reality, industry really is too bulky and complex to be "mobile". At several times since inductry cam into play, players have made suggestions for some form of industry on dynamic constructss, like and expanded nanoformer of sorts but NQ never responded to any of these suggestions over the years

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In addition to NQ's stated reasons, I suspect if you stacked the lag of physics calculations onto the lag of industry, it would kill performance. There's probably a workaround for that (like not running the industry while the ship is moving), but not worth it given the game design reasons for avoiding it.

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