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When the Demeter update goes live soon, some talents will be reset to fit the mining overhaul and the introduction of mining units. 


The following list of talents will be reset and their points recredited to your available talent pool:

  • Mining and Inventory
    • Miner
      • Mining Range
      • Advanced Mining
      • Mining Optimizations
      • Scanner Upgrades
      • Detector Upgrades
    • Dredger
      • Mining Efficiency
      • Scanning Efficiency
      • Scanner Advanced Upgrades
      • Detector Efficiency
      • Detector Optimization


Any of these actively training when the update is released will be taken out of the queue, and the points already invested during training will be seamlessly recredited to your available talent pool.


Note that this will not be the case for the PTS, as you can simply refund your talent points there by typing /respec in chat and then reconnecting to the PTS.

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