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Nested Org - Multi-org Suggestion Feed.


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With the recent news that the org changes have been delayed/are being discussed here are a few suggestions I have about what can be done.  


Parent Org- Leave these as the massive organization that encompasses all things.


Add "Companies"- These would be organizations that do not have the ability to claim land tiles, but can still hold constructs. Meaning they can be assigned a construct token by an organization that owns a tile in order to set up their business.  This would encompass "Ship Showrooms" for ship builders to tokenize many ships for sale.  Also would encompass things like Mercanary Companies, Casino's, etc...


Add "Org specializations" via an Organization Talent System.  This would allow players to work together to complete Organization objectives and receive perks as an org. Some examples would be as follows;  


Mining Experts- Orgs receive a decreased time on refining ore on cores that belong to the org.  (instead of 3 minutes it could be 2mins 30 seconds)

Manufacturing Experts- Orgs receive a decreased time producing elements
Ship Designers- Orgs receive a 5% weight reduction on ship elements other than containers.
Transportation Specialists- Org receives a 5% reduction of fuel costs within atmosphere.

Explorers- Org receives a 5% bonus to thrust elements while in space. (this allows them to exceed the 30k km by 5%)

Mercenary Squad- Org receives a bonus 2% hp and 2% damage output while piloting ships.

These are just some examples, but could be broken down into even more bonuses.  Make these bonuses require certain "criteria" to obtain by these orgs.  This will provide gameplay loops within orgs as they strive to acquire boosts that benefit the whole org.

Some Company bonuses (due to not claiming land) criteria might be as follows;

Mining Experts- Org must mine 10m ore in total to acquire 1 talent point.  Org must mine 20m ore in total to acquire the next tier of talents. Etc...
Manufacturing Experts- Orgs must produce at least 20 different schematics with maintain levels of 100 and reach this amount in linked containers.
Ship Designers- Org must crash at least 20 different cores to acquire the 1st talent point. 
Transportation Specialists-  Org must complete at least 50 player creates hauling missions.

Explorers- Org must discover at least 5 asteroids before anyone else. (in the new system)
Mercenary Squad- Org must have killed at least 50 players or destroyed 50 cores to acquire the 1st talent point.

However people feel about the above talents is not relevant, its simply ideas to spark the thought of "goals within organizations".  These could be further broken between "organizations" and "companies" for example;

Parliament of Alioth(x planet)-  Organization.  Must have at least 10 claims on Alioth(x planet) in order to get a talent that reduces the claim cost of future tiles by 5%.
Standing Army- Organization. Must have at least 10 separate constructs with guns linked to gunner seats and containers.  Talent could include 5% reduction in power cost for static construct defenses.

This list could go on, feel free to add more suggestions.  Ultimately the reason for the post is to bring up the idea of different types of orgs and companies, companies can be within an org or independently run on an org's tiles. (or in space on cores that don't require claims) and to provide bonuses to players looking for a specific gameplay type to get perks for working together to achieve goals.  Each of these bonuses could include multiple "achievements" for the org to acquire to receive various levels of bonuses.  Also this will help to bring different orgs and companies together to help each other.  Why mine yourself when you can hire a mining org to refine ore to sell you.  Why haul it when the transportation can do it cheaper.  This would also allow new gameplay loops to be engaged with that allows player run content to shine further.

Just some thoughts.


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I whole heartedly agree with overall focus of this idea. These are also interesting specific ways to implement it. I would only add that NQ would need to make sure the types of orgs would be less specific and more generic to ensure the game and incorporate niche "groups" that don't fit into generic stereotypes. I hope is that this game has enough people in it to allow even further levels and refinement of services offered.

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The problem they are trying to solve is nested orgs getting cheap hex’s; seems simple, if an org doesn’t have a player as a super, you go up the super chain until you run into a real player as a super.


Now for any org, you base the price for the next TCU placement based on the supers org TCU count. If he has 11 TCUs over various orgs he is the super for, then simple the next hex which is claimed by one of the orgs he is super ofmcounts and costs as number 12.


No problems.

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