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Alioth Markets Hub - Unify disctricts markets to spread players and ships across them

Ater Omen

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For the moment, the district market 6 is the most active one, making this place a black hole for low configs, and generally a bad shopping experience for a lot of players. I don't think regional trading would be a thing when keeping different district markets so close together.

Unifying all of the disctricts markets by having a single hub accessible from the 10 current places would spread parked ships across them, it would allow all players to have a decent experience when shopping.

The only advantage I can think of for the current setup is for ads,  having only one place to cover is easier than 10.

I'm not a trader so if you see some pros for keeping them as is, share it.


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I like it that there is the reality that if you purchase a physical good, then it is at a certain location.


Then again when I order something online, I have the item usually shipped to me, if not at least to their closest branch for click and collect.


Maybe when missions come I’ll be able to order online and have it delivered. But I don’t believe physical goods should be magically at 20 different places around a planet without a charge, or at least a delay to move from on location to another.


That being said, when the heck do I need to fly to another planet for a schematic which is basically a digital product! That I do t understand (logic wise, game wise I understand they want more advanced stuff to be more effort to get, but they already do that with the smeg price of some of them!

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Every time I hear the counter-argument that its to feed the "hauling missions" that are supposedly in our future. Sadly I have yet to hear of something that wont at least require you to surrogate in and move it all in to a container the haulers could access anyways, so you wont get to avoid the market even then.


I would honestly be perfectly happy with a built in up-charge to have the stuff I bought at one market on a planet collectable at another, having the option of avoiding the districts when shopping would seriously reduce market issues.


...Now if we could only do something about all the stuff people just leave there (cargo-blocks, advertisements, ships that exceed the advert-size limit but get to stay because they "aren't me showing off my faction's bling as an advert to get you to join, I'm just parking it there temporarily... forever..." ...

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