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I tried searching for this topic and didn't find anything but I have been thinking of this for awhile now.


When I first started playing, community was everything. Helped me advance faster and helped me get started in the aspects of the game i was interested in. 


After playing for a few months I found the game a bit too easy and i can now do most things by myself and not need an org at all if i wanted to play by myself. The org no longer really benefits my game play other than to provide a community to talk to, which is great on its own and I would never leave it.


I have been thinking about how the org game play in this game is missing something to make it really worth while to play with an org. So I had thought about Org talents.

As an individual, I can train up talents to produce fuel at high efficiency after just a few weeks of playing and some mining talents to help me collect my own resources.

Schematics are cheap enough and machines are not bad either to buy from players / markets. To produces a few 100k fuel a day does not take much time at all to train talents for.

This is just one example of how easy it is to start producing on your own for better profits.


What if organizations can extend the talents for players by offering a talent training system that essentially brings you from a level 5 max for a talent to level 10.

These talents from the org should be very long to train so that one org cannot specialize in all branches so make them a too powerful of an org. Over time this will happen though as over years of playing every org will likely be good at everything talent wise. 


A player who is super legate of multiple orgs can only train one org talent tree at a time to keep from one player having may sub orgs to train at once to keep from a single player being too powerful as well.


I think that this could add a great benefit to the game and for organizations.

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There are several why's. 


1 - Players can be part of multiple org and orgs can have a near infinite number of players. Adding benefits just for joining a org would make ppl traffic org invites. 

So ppl would not be on a org for their vocation but just to get the bonus. 

Soon we would see orgs with the name "join me for level 5 engine boost" 

And ppl could then leave and join orgs every hour based on what boosts they would require at that time. 


2 - This would create a even bigger desavantage to new players compared to old players.


3 - The bonus is already there. 

Playing in a org will give you huge advantages compared to playing alone. 

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All you would end up with is a bunch of moribund orgs dedicated to skilling up their members. 

it’s been said time and time and time again; You can’t force people to play together if they don’t want to. 

there is no real PvP. 

If PvP is ever properly implemented, including atmo/ground PvP, people will start to want to stick together for safety. 

just like the reason in real life where people built families and villages and then towns, for mutual support and protection. 

remove the need for protection and most people end up loners in survival mode apart from a few RPers who build needless shiny structures like Utopia or even our basically pointless 12+ tile Madis MP3. 

really no point to thoughtlessly adding layers of mechanics onto the game without considering the consequences. Look what heappens when NQ have do so in the past.(patch 0.23, anyone?) 

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