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DevBlog: Jetpacks


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Read the article here: https://www.dualuniverse.game/news/devblog-jetpack-improvements



Jetpacks are handy devices that give you a boost when you need it. Although they are not intended as a mode of long distance travel, they can be used to jump over obstacles, leap across gaps, or to reach new heights while building your latest masterpiece.


The upcoming 0.24 update includes improvements to jetpacks that provide better functionality. Whereas previously the jetpack was always active in deep space, this will no longer be the case. Now you will be able to toggle between having the jetpack activated or not with the X key.


You can see the jetpack state in the top right corner of your screen :



Jetpack activation feedback


In deep space, you’ll usually want your jetpack to be activated. The new ability to toggle it off will come in handy for other reasons.


You can use your jetpack to navigate your construct in deep space. When activating your jetpack, you won’t be affected by the artificial gravity of the construct anymore. Feel free to glide in the corridors of your space station.


But maybe you don’t want anybody to be able to enjoy a smooth glide around your construct. Maybe you built a space Ninja Warrior parkour course and jetpacking through it would be cheating. We’re adding the “Right to use jetpack” to the Right and Duty Management System (RDMS). Only people with this right can use the jetpack and break free from the artificial gravity field of your construct. We recommend casually drifting in front of those who don’t have it to mock them … But that’s up to you!



Everybody can gliiide


Set your sights even further: hit X and launch yourself off your construct and into space, gently floating to nearby ships, bases and even planets.


Are you an experienced jetpack creator or pilot? What advice would you give to Noveans who are new to  using a jetpack? Zoom over to the forum thread to share your tips, tricks, and tales of jetpacking glory


In case you missed it: The 0.24 update also includes an exciting new Mission System. Check out this Devblog to read about it

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