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[Announcement] Public Test Server Load Test!

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Calling all Noveans! 


We’re nearing the final stages of preparing the Dual Universe public test server (PTS) for its upcoming grand opening, and we need your help. 

If you are an active DU subscriber, please join us for a PTS load test. During this test, we will be gathering data related to server capacity and performance and trying out the new launcher. What’s more, you’ll be getting your first taste of the 0.24 build that’s currently in development. Your character and assets from the Live server will be mirrored on PTS. 


Your account login information will be the same for both the Live server and PTS; however, access to PTS requires downloading, installing and running a separate client, as well as the testing of the new launcher we’re rolling out with 0.24. 


Get the PTS client here


Feedback and bug reports related to PTS should be posted in this designated forum


Note that we anticipate that the performance won’t be smooth. They never are with these sorts of tests - and that’s a big part of what makes them important. 


It’s important to mention that PTS is solely for testing purposes. We’d like to manage expectations that PTS updates may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that might not ever come to the Live server.


We understand that some players prefer a more stable and polished gameplay experience. Test servers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Updates will be unpolished. There will be no Customer Support. The server may be offline for extended periods, wiped or taken offline without advance notice. 


That being said, those who choose to brave the raw environment of the PTS will find there are certain advantages. Participation on PTS will give you the chance to help shape DU by sharing your insights and constructive criticism earlier in the development process. You’ll also get sneak peeks at content before it’s deployed on the Live server and impacts the persistent universe of DU. This will afford you the chance to formulate strategies for how to get the most out of upcoming changes. In addition, there may be times when we ease the experience by providing necessary equipment and resources on a discretionary basis. For example, if we need to test a new weapon, we may provide it for free to save PTS players the time and effort of creating it for themselves.                   
The Novaquark team hopes that many players will choose to help us test features on the PTS in the future, as it is one of the steps we are taking to further improve the quality of our releases, make sure our features are relevant, and overall have a development approach that further involves our community of players.


Best Regards,

The Novaquark Team

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