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DevBlog: Organization Wallets


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Hey Noveans,

Joining an organization in Dual Universe has many advantages, especially when it comes to pooling and sharing resources. The introduction of org wallets in the upcoming 0.24 update will add a convenient way to transfer money to and from organizations, just as players have been requesting.


But wallets aren’t limited to organizations alone. Many of these features will be useful to individual players as well. This should be welcome news to everyone who will be raking in the quanta via the new Mission system.

Let’s take a closer look at all the wonderful things wallets can do.


Each organization now has a wallet.

There are two new rights related to organization wallet management in the Right and Duty Management System (RDMS):


  • Consult wallet: Gives the right to members to simply know the current balance of the organization.
  • Edit wallet: Gives the right to do all the wallet operations available to the organization wallet. It includes buying, selling (and paying taxes by doing so), browsing the log and transferring money (see below).


            Giving the right to edit the wallet of Wave Corp to another player.



Any player with the “edit from wallet” right of an organization can:

  • Sell unclaimed items or items claimed by the organization in the name of the org. Once sold, the money goes to the organization wallets.
  • Buy items in the name of the organization. When doing so, the wallet of the org is used instead of the wallet of the player. Also, the item is then automatically claimed by the org when purchased.
  • Edit and/or delete orders owned by the organization. NOTE: Going to the “My Orders” panel of the market UI, allows the player to see their own orders as well as the orders of all organizations for which they have the appropriate rights.

Payable dispensers owned by organizations will use the organization wallet, instead of the Superlegate wallet.


All players can give any amount of quanta to any other player or organization. Players with the necessary wallet rights of an organization can also transfer money from the organization wallet to any other entity. Transfers are tracked in the wallet logs of both the sender and the recipient.


There are a few rules regarding quanta transfer, mainly intended to protect players from griefing through spamming the recipient’s wallet log :

  • A transfer requires a minimum amount of 1,000 quanta.
  • There is a cooldown period of 10 minutes between two transactions with both the same sender and the same recipient.


            Transfering money to the organization Wave Corp.



Managing an organization and giving the right for wallet operations to several players requires basic management functions. That is why we are adding the wallet log.

All entities (players and organizations) have access to a wallet log that reflects all transactions related to their wallets.


Each entry contains the date of the operation, the type of operation (such as money transfer, market transaction, various fees, etc.), and additional information, such as the name of the player who completed the operation, for instance.


            The wallet log.



What do you think of the plans so far? Is this a good starting point or are there additional functions you think wallets will need? We look forward to reading your feedback in this forum thread. ?


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