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Question for the Devs - Custom element mesh

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Hey there was just thinking, since you already have a system that creates a mesh out of voxel constructs, is it possible to also create a system for us that allows us to create our own  mesh for elements? Especially for larger things such as engines/weapons. You could provide ghost projections of the elements functional areas, in a small build area where people can make their own element models, I feel like this coupled with a vertex editor could really extend the creativity of constructs. And you could apply these 'models' through the skins function. Maybe even give us the ability to move, add/remove or modify the effect origins for things such as engine exhausts.

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• Server developers start sweating profusely

Haha no I don't think that's going to happen, however where this concerns the most is more engine models/effects, and I'm sure there could definitely be more of those. Maybe even some form of modularity for very large engines.

However, what would be really cool are voxel sub-grids that could be actuated (without physics simulation) whilst attached to the parent construct, maybe call them actuator grids, for example smaller grids that you could build custom doors out of voxels with, which could slide/swing open when given a button press, etc.

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Yes I've been promoting this for a long time, NQ should have gone with "type" voxels instead of 3D models, for example volume based Storage Voxels (give them exponentially/gradually decreased storage to make it economically less viable at a certain size like we see with expanded XL containers if you want to keep the current "logic").

Engine/Thrust Voxels which would have a volume based performance based on type (hover, atmo, space etc.).

A "Chair" or "Positioning" Voxel which you could place to sit, lay or stand on, later on maybe Moving Voxels (for doors and hatches etc.), Energy Core Voxels etc etc. not only would this give a huge creative freedom but fit much better in the existing voxel mechanic.

This would go hand in hand with a vertice editor and more elaborate voxelmancy tools of course.

And if NQ is worried about not being able to sell skins for 3D models in the shop if they change to that: we all have been asking to remove patterns (possibly even colors) from voxels for a long time, they could easily be moved to the cash shop as they have zero effect on gameplay and right now are rather a waste of menu space and just clutter market and crafting search.

And while we're theorycrafting: If you follow that thought of voxel based elements/creations you could even completely get rid of most existing 3D models/assets and change the industry productions to voxel based instead of element based (I'm talking about the products not the machine assets nessecarily). So people would produce base voxels (tiered/categorized) lets call it "base matter" for engineers and designers to make elements and creations out of them and/or replicate player made voxel "constructs"/creations out of this matter (like engines, containers.. you name it) by using schematics provided by engineers/designers.

Not only would that fit much better into the lore and setting (considering the nanocrafter can arrange atoms) but JC also has been talking about giving the players the most simple/basic tools and see what they make of it, so such a system would actually be within JCs own vision.

While this would maybe initially take off a lot of dev time the exponential growth of player made creations would easily beat any team of asset creators and thus save NQ loads of money that they would spend on making assets. Adding new textures, sprites, effects for voxels (to the cash shop) is easy and cheap and the asset making would be outsourced to the players which would in the end be a win win for everyone.

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